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Despite the difficult situation in the world, 2021 pleased with its active scientific activity in all spheres of life. Read about the most interesting innovations in our article.

1. Russian air taxi

At the beginning of 2021, the Hover drone successfully passed all the test tests, and in the fall, the developers were working on creating a prototype. The creators claim that air taxi travel is much more efficient and safer than conventional cars: the risk of accidents is significantly reduced. The mass launch of such aircraft is planned in 5-7 years, primarily in Moscow.

2. Vertical farms

Vertical farms promise to take farming to the next level. In St. Petersburg, the design of the first IFarm vertical farm has been completed, where popular green crops will be grown. The productive capacity of such a farm is higher than that of a standard farm, so this technology is likely to be actively used.

3. Haptic VR

Scientists are actively working on the continuous improvement of virtual reality. This year they managed to create a really useful feature: tactility. Technology will soon make it possible to feel physical touch, but this will require special devices and materials. They will have programmed special vibrations built into them.

4. Food printing

3D printed food has already become a reality, but has not yet entered mass consumption. FoodNet will allow the use of plant-based ingredients to create food, as well as significantly increase the nutritional value of food. Thanks to this printer, you can reduce the consumption of animal products and easily organize a balanced diet for yourself.

5. Grocery patch


The American development of SAVRpak allows you to maintain the quality of products during delivery. The patch absorbs all moisture, which adversely affects the taste and appearance of food. The development allows you to extend the shelf life of products up to two weeks. The cost of a pack of ten patches is only 150 rubles.

6. Home recycling device

The robot, invented by engineer Aldous Hicks, sorts garbage at home and immediately recycles it. The device separates plastic and glass, after which it crushes them for further processing. Next, Lasso independently loads the prepared materials into special containers so that the user can immediately send them for secondary processing. The robot car now costs about 250 thousand rubles and is available only by pre-order, which does not bother those who want to buy it.

7. OrCam Read

Israeli scientists have invented a portable device that reads the written text. The laser reader of information must be pointed at the text, after which the device will recognize it and read it. Also, the gadget perceives some voice commands and will be especially useful for visually impaired people.

8. Foldable smartphone

Samsung decided to surprise users with another unusual solution and introduced the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, giving a second life to flip phones that were popular before. The smartphone itself is touch-sensitive and has great possibilities of use. It is especially convenient due to its compactness, wide screen and functionality.

9. Wireless headphones

JLab JBuds Frames are bluetooth headphones that can be attached to the temples of the glasses, which will reduce the strain on the ears. The gadget allows you to hear both music and the world around you at the same time. Another plus is an eight-hour work without recharging.

10. Self-lacing sneakers

Nike has released sneakers that can be slipped on and laced up hands-free. The Nike GO FlyEase is engineered to be flexible and built to fit your foot. After the shoes are put on, they will return to their original shape. The rubber on the outsole is flexibly stretched, which allows the shoe not to tear or stretch. By the way, with sneakers you can come up with a huge number of stylish looks, including winter ones.

11. Bandage-antistress

The Cove device enhances stress resistance through special vibrations that affect certain parts of the brain. The scheme of use is very simple: the device is mounted on the neck and behind the ears, and then controlled through a special application. The creators say that 20 minutes a day is enough to calm your mind and improve the quality of sleep. The price of Cove is about 35,000 rubles, but users say that it’s worth it.

12. Trainer Tonal

This simulator acts as a personal trainer, only wall-mounted. The whole point lies in the electromagnetic connection, which provides resistance. Tonal is controlled through a special screen where you can change the load. Also, the simulator independently monitors the results, after which it draws up an individual training program.