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The world does not stand still. Every day there are many events and discoveries in various fields: science, technology, sports, medicine, etc. Scientists are constantly working on new projects that bring both global and domestic benefits to humanity. Sometimes we do not keep up with the progress at all and do not know about the latest, modern devices that can greatly simplify our lives, or about a breakthrough in the field of medicine, which has made oncology and genetic diseases completely curable. 2023 turned out to be very fruitful and rich in all sorts of developments. In our article, we have collected, in our opinion, the best inventions of the world for 2023 and we want to introduce you to them.

1. Robot prosthesis Ukrainian startup Esper Bionics has developed a robotic prosthesis. Esper Hand contains 24 sensors that are able to capture brain impulses and track muscle activity. The device is controlled by artificial intelligence. One of the founders of Esper Bionics noted that in the near future the team will start developing smart electronics that will function inside the human body. The robotic prosthesis was featured on the cover of Times magazine as one of the best inventions of the year.

2. Not the iPhone, but the Nothing Phone The Nothing Phone is named the most innovative smartphone of 2022. A unique display with symmetrical bezels sets it apart from the competition. Another feature of the phone is that its back surface is equipped with a transparent cover with 900 LEDs. The pricing policy of this gadget ranges from 18 to 27 thousand hryvnia.

3. Laptop – a breakthrough of the year ASUS Zenbook Fold is recognized as one of the most interesting laptops of the year. The unusual folding display and the absence of a keyboard give the device an interesting appearance. When opened, the diagonal of the OLED screen is 17.3 inches, supports 4K resolution. When closed, the diagonal of each of the two displays is 12.5 inches, FullHD resolution.

4. The Airvida E1 Headphones are the first headphones in the world that not only allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks, but are also equipped with an air purification function. The headset starts at $250.

5. Car-chameleon BMW presented a new concept car model – iX Flow. Its body contains many ink microcapsules that can change color to white or black depending on the settings. The developers emphasize that in the hot season the car will heat up less, dressed in white, and in winter, black will be more practical.

6. A device from the future The Sengled light bulb looks unremarkable, but you must admit that not every light bulb is able to control the performance of the human body. The device has a special radar that emits waves that allow you to capture body temperature, heart rate, sleep. The device is able to determine the critical condition of the user, inform relatives or call an ambulance. But the advantages of the light bulb do not end there. It is able to protect the house from criminals by identifying unauthorized persons on the territory of the dwelling, and also report possible incidents such as fire, flood, etc.

7. Antispyware Charger Today, many people are concerned about their privacy. The Pozio Cradle charger is the most unique device of this year that can solve this issue. Thus, when the smartphone is charging, Pozio Cradle produces a specific sound that the human ear does not perceive, but the smartphone’s microphone perceives. In the case of listening to the phone, it will be impossible to obtain information, since nothing but hissing will be heard.

8. Body Scan The smart device from Withings provides the ability to scan the human body and see the picture of the body and its level of fitness. With its help, you can determine the fat, muscle mass, as well as assess the condition of the vessels, their age, and even assess the state of the nervous system.

9. Toilet paper tracker A smart device from Homeplenish that helps you gauge your toilet paper consumption rate. The device contains a roll roller and, when used, the device estimates the amount, paper consumption rate and remembers this information. Before it ends, the device is able to independently place an order on the site.

10. Smart Pet Tray LavvieBot is a smart pet tray for cats and dogs from PurrSong. He is able to determine when the animal went to the toilet and, using a specially mounted brush, removes the dirty filler into the allotted cell, which must be cleaned several times a month.

11. Cancer vaccine Immunologist Elodie Belnou and biotechnologist Madiha Deroisi have developed a special medical platform called KISIMA. It was created to produce vaccines against various types of cancer. The technology is based on enhancing the immune response as a result of vaccination. Thus, such a discovery can revolutionize the treatment of oncology.

12. DNA editor Special CRISPR technology was created in order to edit the human genome. Its action is based on two Cas9 molecules and an enzyme. The first performs the function of scissors, which are able to remove parts of DNA or insert new ones. The second helps the scissors find the very right areas. Thus, it is possible to cure genetic diseases. The technology is already bearing fruit, it has helped to restore vision to a person after complete congenital blindness, and to another – to cure color blindness.

13. CO2 Removal One of the largest factories in the world has been launched in Iceland to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The enterprise is equipped with the most powerful fans that are able to capture and filter the air. In this way, CO2 is combined with water and transported underground through pipes for further storage.

14. Innovative door Have you ever seen a door with integrated power, full lighting, special sensors, video call and smart lock? So, the collaboration of Masonite, Ring and Yale created a unique door that is equipped with all of the above features. In addition, in case of a long absence of light, you can use an additional battery.

15. The power of thought Scientists from Neuralink connected a monkey to a computer by implanting special electrodes into its brain. An animal named Pager played a simple video game many times while the researchers calibrated the algorithms of the Neuralink system. Later, the system independently recognized the desires of the little animals and the Pager played with the power of thought. With their research, scientists intend to help paralyzed people use the phone and computer telepathically.

In our article, we have collected the best inventions of the world for 2023. It is very interesting to observe such “breakthroughs” in various industries, because it allows us to make human life more comfortable and of better quality.