2023 Honda CRF450R

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Model updates: Honda’s motocross flagship has been updated once again, thanks to the lessons learned in the fight for first place in world-class competitions. The 2023 bike has more torque available from low rpm and smoother power delivery for better cornering. At the same time, redesigned frame stiffness and suspension provide better braking stability, faster cornering, better front wheel grip and more stable handling on rough terrain.

This motorcycle is designed to make fast riding even easier. For the 2023 model year, in addition to new color graphics that include all-new HRC logos, there will be a special edition CRF450R 50th Anniversary, inspired by the legendary CR models of the 80s, designed to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its debut. Elsinore’s iconic CR250M, which was Honda’s first motocross bike.

The Honda CRF450R has become the benchmark for all motocross bikes since its debut in 2002. The CRF450R has always been equipped in such a way as to offer its owner – both amateur and professional rider – complete control of the motorcycle through the right balance and maneuverability.

The CRF450R is a competition bike that has evolved over time. In 2017, Europe’s favorite motocross bike was completely reimagined as part of the “perfect holeshot” concept, with an all-new chassis and a significant power boost from an all-new engine. The 2018 model received a useful addition in the form of an electric starter as standard. In 2019, the HRC-designed cylinder head significantly increased engine power and torque, and HRC Launch control was added.

In 2021, with the exception of the wheels and fundamental engine architecture, the CRF450R is a completely new bike, largely based on the development of the CRF450RW by Tim Geiser, who won the 2019 MX GP championship. Together with HRC, he won the title in 2020, and in 2021 took the honorary third place.

The 2022 model also received a number of updates, but nothing stands still, so the 2023 model will debut with a range of engine and chassis innovations from HRC (American and European divisions), the main goal of which is to make driving fast, really fast driving. , even easier. For any pilot, lap after lap.

2023 is a truly special year for Honda’s off-road motorcycle lineup – exactly 50 years ago, Honda’s first motocross bike, the CR250M Elsinore, debuted. To commemorate such a milestone anniversary, the CRF450R, in addition to an updated graphic design and a new HRC logo for the standard version, will receive a special limited anniversary edition, the CRF 450R 50th Anniversary Edition, which pays homage to the original motorcycles of the 1980s and will only be available for motorcycle 2023 model year.

As always, the CRF450R remains an affordable racing bike from HRC.

Feedback from HRC riders from the FIM World MXGP, AMA Supercross and Pro Motocross championships set the direction for the 2023 CRF450R. As a result, the motorcycle has become much easier to control at high speeds for a long period of time.

The increased frame stiffness allowed for a higher rear spring rate and improved damping for better control of the bike while avoiding unwanted suspension stiffness. The traction of the front wheel has also been improved, resulting in a 2023 bike that handles more stable and turns sharper, while the suspension responds and absorbs shock better than the 2022 bike.

A new chassis coupled with an engine that produces much more torque at low rpm, and with increased and smoother power delivery at low rpm; new intake ports, a larger air intake, a smaller throttle body, a stronger rear muffler – all these innovations allow the bike to turn faster.

New color graphics introduce new redesigned iconic HRC logos to reflect HRC’s expansion of racing activities, while the CRF450R 50th Anniversary Special Limited Edition, released to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the CR250M Elsinore, pays tribute to the bike that started Honda’s motocross journey.

· New frame stiffness balance improves suspension stability and performance.

· Rear shock absorber with increased damping force provides better handling over bumps and improved traction.

The 49mm Showa fork also features improved damping.

· The compact design of a seat provides to the pilot freedom of movements; the new 23YM graphics have a new HRC logo.

· The limited 50th Anniversary Edition is only available on the 2023 motorcycle.

The 2023 CRF450R takes handling to an even higher level, with more stable braking, quicker cornering and better cornering.

Detailed frame stiffness adjustments allow the retuned suspension to work more efficiently. The front downtube and support junction now has a wall thickness of 6mm (instead of 4mm) at the junction. The upper shock absorber support also has a wall thickness of 6 mm (instead of 4 mm). Steel cylinder head hangers replaced the aluminum parts used in the 2022 model; Front wheel grip has been significantly improved and adapted to work with the new frame stiffness settings.

Also in order to match the frame “settings”, the Showa rear shock spring rate was changed from 54 N/mm to 56 N/mm, damping settings were changed, which had a beneficial effect on the ride – without feeling too stiff in the suspension, especially on a broken road. . The suspension has 11 rebound adjustment settings and 6 settings for high and low compression rates. The volume of oil is 421 cubic meters. The aluminum swingarm is 585.2mm long and works with the shock via Pro-Link.

The 49mm Showa upside-down fork is based on the one supplied to racing teams competing in motocross competitions in Japan. The fork has 310mm of travel, 387cc oil capacity, 13 rebound and 15 compression positions; damping settings have been revised for optimal balance between front and rear.

The rake and trail are 27°7’ and 113.9mm respectively, the wheelbase is 1481mm and the ground clearance is 336mm. Dry weight is 105.8 kg, weight distribution is 49% front and 51% rear.

For maximum comfort, a lightweight Renthal Fatbar is fitted as standard. The upper traverse has two handlebar attachment points, which allows you to move it forward and backward by 26mm if necessary.

The front dual-piston brake caliper features 30mm and 27mm pistons and a 260mm petal disc. The rear single-piston brake caliper is matched with a 240mm wave disc.

DID straight-spoke aluminum rims painted black, front wheel size 21 x 1.6 inches, rear wheel size 19 x 2.15 inches. Dunlop MX33F/MX33 soft terrain cross tires are fitted as standard.

The minimum amount of plastic and attachments can significantly simplify the rider’s movements on a motorcycle while riding. Maintenance is easy as only four 8mm bolts on each side secure the plastic to the frame. Radiator shrouds with air duct are made from a single piece of plastic. To allow as much air to pass through as possible, these parts were designed using computational aerodynamics.