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Robotic limbs that are as dexterous as a human; apartments equipped with neural networks; powerful laptops; unusual contraception for men and a Russian robot. Read about the news of the world of technology in our article.

1. Apple released new MacBook Pro with a notch and powerful processors

The world market leader – Apple – introduced two new models of MacBook Pro. The design and functionality of the latest powerful laptops will delight users with improved picture and sound quality. Apple said that up to three monitors can be connected to these laptop models. Good news for those who are tired of the constant overheating of laptops when working in the hot season. In MacBook Pro models, engineers have implemented a completely new and efficient cooling system. The devices are equipped with powerful advanced processors M1 Pro and M1 Max.

The main distinguishing feature of these MacBooks has become the so-called “bangs”. According to representatives of the developer’s company, such a specific design allows you to increase the useful working area of the screen. In the “bangs” is an updated camera. The first copies of the MacBook Pro are already available for pre-order. The price for the domestic consumer, alas, is far from being budgetary, and how could one expect Apple to offer sparing price lists for our market? The cost of the MacBook Pro fluctuates around 2,500 conventional units.

2. A robotic arm was developed in Poland

Automation Robotics boasted a successful project to create a mechanized arm. The total weight of the biometric device is 7 kilograms. As you can see in the demo, the hand performs quite well in a number of common and characteristic movements of the human body: it can bend its fingers, which allows it to grab and hold objects. Automation Robotics plans not to stop there. Their goal is to create a full-scale robot.

3. “Smart” apartments in Japan will determine whether their inhabitants are alive

From time to time, we all hear sad news about some poor fellow who lived alone, died alone and no one knew about his death until the neighbors noticed a strange smell from the apartment. In Japan, where the number of elderly people (and especially lonely ones) is extremely high, such situations are far from uncommon and they even introduced a special term for them – “kodokushi”, which means “lonely death” in Japanese.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, they decided to seriously address this problem, especially since, due to the pandemic, cases of kodokushi have only become more frequent. Japanese engineers propose to equip apartments with a neural network trained to notice the lack of vital signs on the part of its owner. The company R65 inc. took over the development, the main activity of which is to help the elderly in finding housing.

4. COSO – ultrasonic contraception for men

German developer – Rebecca Weiss – proposed a new and extremely unusual method of contraception. According to Rebecca, she and her boyfriend have been looking for the best way to prevent unplanned conception for a long time. As a result, a student at the Munich University of Technology invented and created an ultrasonic device that suppresses the activity of spermatozoa, which in turn reduces the risk of egg fertilization. For her idea, Weiss was awarded the Dyson award and at the moment the girl is looking for investors to bring the device to the market.

The device created by Rebecca is an ultrasonic bath. To obtain the desired result, a man must daily lower his scrotum into a bath filled with water for a couple of weeks. Upon completion of the course, sperm motility will decrease for a period of up to two months. In fact, the ultrasound will send the poor spermatozoids into a long knockout.

Although the idea as a whole attracts with its non-standard approach, it is unlikely that our dear men will everywhere take it with a bang, given all the burdensomeness of the contraceptive course. It’s a pity, such a gadget would save women from having to take hormonal contraceptives.

5. The first robot dog from Russian engineers

Those of you who follow the news of robotics closely have probably heard a lot about the masterpieces from Boston Dynamics. Their clever robots often appear in our collections. And on New Year’s Eve, BD robots danced, congratulating everyone on the onset of 2021. Russian developers decided to catch up with foreign colleagues and also took up a project to create a robot. It took about two years of joint work of craftsmen from Moscow State University and the Volt Brothers to work. Unfortunately, the Russian robot dog is still far from the grace of its overseas predecessors. And yet, I am glad that domestic scientists do not lag behind the trends of the modern world of high technologies.