Meet the new 2018 Honda CR-V

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Introduction. An all-new version of the world’s best-selling sports crossover
Refined and sporty body design with recognizable silhouette and premium interior
Powerful petrol engine delivers real economy and excellent handling
Advanced technologies optimize all-wheel drive performance and improve the off-road performance of the model
Best-in-class space efficiency in the most spacious CR-V cabin ever
Best Safety Performance and Honda Sensing™ Package as Standard

Introduction. An all-new version of the world’s best-selling sport utility vehicle1

Enhanced comfort and practicality, as well as enhanced device connectivity
Increased capacity and available for the first time in a seven-seat version
Petrol engine with class-leading dynamics and economy
Since the release of the first generation in 1995, the Honda CR-V has become the world’s best-selling sports crossover[1]. The latest model of the popular compact crossover is designed to exceed customer expectations with improved performance. The new CR-V boasts cutting-edge technology and superior quality.

The CR-V has a fresh and sleek body design with wider, muscular wheel arches and more pronounced contours at the hood and rear, as well as the latest Honda face with signature headlight design.

The new model raises the bar for quality, refinement and interior space to a new level. In this case, for the first time for all-wheel drive petrol models, a 7-seater version is offered. Equal to premium cars, this model features improved driving performance and handling, as well as reduced vibration and noise levels. The evolution of the fundamentally new CR-V has made the model even more comfortable and practical.

Thanks to slightly increased body proportions, a longer wheelbase and a wider track, the new CR-V has a significantly more spacious interior. A new two-position luggage compartment floor provides a flat loading platform for bulky items, while a touch-free tailgate provides easy access for loading luggage.

Innovative features help make everyday use of the CR-V much easier. For example, the opening height of the tailgate can be programmed so that it does not touch low ceilings; interior versatility is further enhanced by a three-way storage compartment in the center console. The new rear row seats fold in a 60:40 split for faster and easier luggage loading.

The platform includes the exclusive next-generation ACE™ (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) body structure, consisting of a network of integrated structural elements to more evenly distribute impact energy in a collision.

Sophisticated sporty body design with recognizable silhouette and premium interior

Fresh body design with longer wheelbase, larger rims and tires in sporty style
Modern dynamic crossover design without unnecessary lines
Advanced aerodynamics with Honda’s active grille, a first for the CR-V
Durable, solid premium interior trimmed with soft-touch materials
The all-new Honda CR-V retains the familiar silhouette of the world’s best-selling crossover and features a new design that is both refined and sporty. The new CR-V features fresh body styling with wider wheel arches and more defined contours at the hood and rear, as well as Honda’s latest signature headlight design.

This change allowed not only to increase the spaciousness of the cabin, but also to give the SUV a more muscular, earthy look by moving the wheels closer to the corners of the body. Larger wheels and tires, combined with a short rear overhang and twin tailpipes, give the car a more athletic look.

The front end features a striking Honda family design with solid fenders and signature headlamp shape. LED headlights are standard equipment. An imposing, sculpted front bumper, featuring cleaner lines than its predecessor, flanks a stylish grille. The sculpted contours of the hood lead to a stylish and flowing windshield, from where the roof contour continues to the tailgate spoiler.

The rear fenders are more prominent than the previous generation CR-V and are complemented by wider wheel arches. A high shoulder line that increases the volume in the lower part and a beautiful decorative molding rising from the front wheels to the rear of the body emphasizes the dynamic style.

Improved aerodynamics

The all-new Honda CR-V leads its class* in aerodynamic efficiency; it was designed using computational fluid dynamics, tested as a scale model in a wind tunnel, and also passed the first tests for a full-size Honda in a wind tunnel with an automobile “treadmill”.

Narrow A-pillars displace large shoulder volume and frame a flowing windshield above neatly hidden wiper arms. Combined with the bumper’s neat sculpt, this reduces turbulence around the front of the body. Streamlined rooflines with a shark fin antenna complement the aerodynamic panels under the engine and floor. Together they provide a low level of wind resistance and improve stability.

The contours of the edges of the rear bumper lead to the center of the car and end in sharp “folds” on each side. Combined with the raised edges of the rear taillights, these “pleats” help separate airflow from the body sides.

The front air intakes below the chrome Honda emblem feature variable geometry for improved fuel efficiency. By default, this system leaves the grille closed for as long as possible to improve aerodynamic performance. When needed, the electronically controlled stepper motor opens the grille to let air into the engine compartment.