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27 / n “On the organization of activities for the recognition of citizens in need of social services and the preparation of individual programs for the provision of social services” (together with the “Procedure for organizing activities for the recognition of citizens in need of social services and the preparation of individual programs for the provision of social services”) 553 “On approval of the Procedure for the provision of social services by social service providers in the Voronezh Region” – download
Decree of the Government of the Voronezh Region dated 07.05.2020 No. No. 382 “On Amendments to the Decree of the Government of the Voronezh Region dated June 22, 2018 No. 553” – download

On behalf of the President, the Government of the Russian Federation in December 2017 developed and approved a set of measures to create a system of long-term care for the elderly and disabled, including balanced social services and medical care at home, in a semi-stationary and inpatient form, with the involvement of patronage service and nurses.

The project is being implemented jointly by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and regional administrations. The Charitable Foundation “Old Age in Joy” is responsible for developing the methodology on the basis of which the complex of measures of the long-term care system is being implemented.

In the summer of 2018, the Long-Term Care System project was launched in a number of Russian regions. In each of them, districts and institutions were identified that became “pioneers” – “pilots”. KUVO “USZN of the Soviet District of Voronezh” has joined the participation in this pilot project since the beginning of 2019.

The long-term care system covers, on the one hand, people who have a lack of self-care and are not fully able to cope with independent care, regardless of age, disability and social status, and, on the other hand, people involved in care (family, environment). The system of long-term care (hereinafter referred to as LTC) is a comprehensive socio-medical care for people with permanent disabilities who need outside help. The goal of the system is to return people to society and to their usual way of life as much as possible. These are activation, rehabilitation, habilitation, socialization, training. There are home-based, semi-stationary, in-patient services in SDU.

Currently, the CUVO “USZN of the Soviet District of Voronezh” implements a system of long-term care in the form of home and semi-inpatient care. Thanks to the developed methodology, the Joy of Old Age Charitable Foundation introduces modern technologies and processes, and trains specialists.

This allows you to gradually move away from the outdated system, when a social worker visits a person two or three times a week; when people in need of long-term care do not receive proper medical care; when families take care of relatives at their own peril and risk …. and come to a new, modern, system that is individual for each and fully meets all the needs of the ward – from coordinated social and medical care to communication and socialization.

The introduction of the Long-Term Care System in the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Savitsky District of Voronezh is carried out according to the following plan:

– identification of people who need long-term care, incl. at joint exits with a medical and social group, with the involvement of information from the medical organization GK BSMP No. 1 about citizens undergoing treatment;
– assessment of the degree of need for care (the so-called “gyrification” of wards). The gyrification group from I to V determines the list and scope of care services – individual for each person.
– direct provision of care, for this purpose, training was provided for caregivers who introduce new approaches to work, etc.
– assistance to relatives: teaching the basics of home care, informing about available methods and techniques for caring for seriously ill people.

The pilot project is already a year old, and we see how the approach to our work is being transformed for the better. A “Day Care Department for the Elderly and the Disabled”, a “Rental of Rehabilitation Equipment” and a “School of Nursing” for relatives of seriously ill citizens have been opened. Caregivers trained by the Joy of Old Age Charitable Foundation are employed. Currently, 9 social workers – care assistants provide services at home under the long-term care system for 28 elderly people.

Individualized, extended care plans are drawn up for those served under the CDS, they are additionally examined by geriatricians and their recommendations are included in the care plan. This pilot project works to make life easier for people who live at home but have lost some of their independence due to physical or mental disabilities. After all, there is almost no infrastructure for them! People become prisoners of apartments or even rooms.

The social workers of our institution have received special training, they are trained to properly lay down a seriously ill person, feed them, and carry out hygiene procedures in such a way as to preserve the dignity of a person who depends on the help of other people. At the same time, many of the techniques that social workers and visitors to the School of Nursing were taught are designed to reduce the burden on the caregivers themselves. Seminars and trainings on caring for new employees are conducted by regional trainers, who are trained by the School of Trainers of the Charitable Foundation “Old Age in Joy”.

We are currently just laying the foundation of a huge house called the Long Term Care System. On the one hand, such construction projects cannot be frozen, on the other hand, excessive haste or arrogance will not make the house strong and reliable, but we are trying to increase momentum, so the number of people served under the long-term care system has increased five times this year. But the most valuable thing for us was and remains gratitude in the eyes of people who feel better because they are being taken care of properly.