development of regions through new technologies

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With the development of scientific and technological progress, the world has seen a change in information exchange systems both in the business sphere and in various spheres of human life. Everyday life began to include the use of various kinds of the Internet – and information technologies and electronic systems.

Nowadays, the development of Internet technologies makes it possible to process a huge amount of various kinds of data. In turn, this requires further development of the above technologies. All this is a consequence of the widespread penetration of digitalization.

As an expert in the field of high technologies, IT engineer Ruslan Abashed notes, “in today’s realities, in the conditions of a changed world that has already faced the problem of the spread of coronavirus, the development and implementation of digital technologies is of utmost importance.

A similar step has been brewing before, but previous heads of state looked into the future little. President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov is the first among the leaders who raises the most important issues, problems, sets the right vector for the country’s development through his initiatives. One of the most important is digitalization. In fact, what is smart technology? Thanks to the introduction of digital systems, citizens will be able to order and receive any kind of goods and services.

Now, in the context of quarantine caused by the rampage of the coronavirus, this is especially important. I can state that such services have already appeared in the country, which can be carried out remotely.

the quality of the Internet provided in the country has increased significantly. And for this reason, we have the opportunity, elementarily, today to order food, medicines, pay utility bills, replenish the balance of cellular communications, pay bills for the Internet and ITTV. This is a great progress that President Jeenbekov has moved forward.  Digitalization will also affect the regions, and this process will become one of the fundamental ones in the further development of the country as a whole.”

It should also be noted that the implemented digital technologies play an important role in increasing the competitiveness of economies, both globally and nationally. The growth of indicators of this sector has recently been observed in all countries.

As Almas Nasir, Advisor to the Rector of the IUC, noted, “We are on the threshold of global transformations. President Jeenbekov set a number of tasks for all of us, after the implementation of which Kyrgyzstan should become one of the best countries in the world. But for this we need to make every effort and implement a large set of measures to achieve the transition to digitalization. At the moment, quite a lot has been done, but we are only at the beginning of our journey.”

In recent years, a large number of various conferences and round tables have been held in the country, which were devoted to the introduction and development of digitalization in the Kyrgyz Republic. This is a correct, one might say, evolutionary transition to new realities. It is necessary to continue to educate different circles of the population, especially in regions where it is quite necessary to hold the same events that were successfully held in the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

As Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic Asylee Aidaraliev said, “the transition to digitalization is an important historical moment in the history of our state. Digitalization can actually change the state of economic indicators, and therefore bring the country to a new level of well-being. As you know, mountainous countries are experiencing significant difficulties in many areas of life.

ranging from education to the management of various households. All this is due to geographic specifics. And just the transition to digitalization can change the situation radically. President Jeenbekov wants to blur the boundaries between the regions and the center, and this will serve as the main engine on the path to the overall development of the country.

which should work as an integral mechanism. Let me emphasize that the mountainous countries are on the so-called list of disadvantaged states. They, in turn, are highly vulnerable economically and in matters of ensuring internal and external security. Therefore, we need to do everything to achieve our goals. After all, they are aimed at solving common problems.

Thanks to the possession of the necessary information, many important issues are solved at this stage. And most importantly, many farmers, educational institutions, and entire ail omits will be involved in modern trends and will have access to the world wide web.

The most important step in the development of digitalization in Kyrgyzstan will be informing the population about the transformations that are coming in the country. Sooronbai Jeenbekov emphasized the need for large-scale work to educate the general population, especially in rural areas, about the benefits of using new technologies.
By the way, this topic is also very relevant because it will touch upon the most important link – children and the entire human resource.

It should be noted that the reality of the modern world involves new socio-economic challenges, namely the development of states through the prism of digital transformation, through the introduction and use of digital technologies that have replaced computerization and informatization.

For Kyrgyzstan, this experience is the first in history, but we must hope that the country is able to overcome another such challenge, solve all the tasks and move on.  The coronavirus pandemic may provoke new processes, which we treated with some irony until recently. The course taken towards digitalization should definitely bring Kyrgyzstan to a new level. We all should unite around the common tasks set by President Sooronbai Jeenbekov. Kyrgyzstan deserves to become a progressive state.