Buying an LG TV, you can be left without a TV and without money (for a while)

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Choosing a TV in our time, unfortunately, has become a rather non-trivial task. If earlier the plus or minus choice was reduced to the choice of the diagonal and the available budget, now to select a high-quality copy you need to know the backlight technology, the type of screen matrix, the refresh rate and other technical terms. At least if you want the purchased TV to please you with image quality and reliability.

There are several leaders in the TV market, including Samsung and LG. And Sony TVs also use a matrix manufactured by Samsung, and Sony OLED TVs use a matrix manufactured by LG. As the saying goes, live and learn.

But as it happens in other technological areas, our Chinese friends have long had their eyes on the TV market, creating great competition for the Korean giants.

On the one hand, you can buy a huge 4K TV from Xiaomi for literally $400-500 (let it be of mediocre quality, fans of this brand will forgive me), but the Korean brands mentioned above are forced to follow the path of cheaper production, which inevitably leads to to deterioration in the quality of manufactured products. And apparently, I became one of the “victims” of these technological wars.

Last fall, having completed the renovation in the bedroom, I decided to buy a new, beautiful, modern TV in order to solemnly hang it on the wall and please myself with 4K content before going to bed.

Since before that the main supplier of TVs for our family was Samsung, in principle, the choice of the manufacturer was not particularly worth it. Based on the required characteristics, a certain TV model of this manufacturer was chosen, but after some time the “wow effect” from viewing 4K content passed, and the image quality somehow did not please the eye.

After digging in detail about this TV, I understood why it happened, so it was decided to merge this TV through Aviso and take a more careful approach to choosing another model.

To be honest, just a couple of years ago I would not have looked at LG products, since my experience and the experience of my friends was quite negative from using LG equipment.

But, apparently, someone in the leadership of LG realized that “you can’t live like this anymore” and it seems that LG began to produce good products. In general, it has become almost impossible to ignore LG products, especially when it comes to choosing a TV.

Last year, a good budget LG TV was bought for the dacha, a washing machine a few months ago, and at the end of December, after a long torment of choice, a rather expensive TV from LG was purchased. But by the looks of it, I relaxed early and LG hit back.

After a week of suffering with setting up a freshly purchased TV, it became clear that something was wrong with the TV. This something was wrong in the fact that quite strong light of the matrix was found on the entire screen of the TV.

For the uninitiated, I explain the secrets of manufacturing modern TVs. A modern TV is a kind of sandwich that includes LED backlighting, a matrix consisting of hundreds of small LEDs and some kind of super Nano coating on the screen (in the case of the TV I chose). All this should lead to a clean and bright picture. But if the TV is assembled crookedly, then the LED-backlight starts to light up the image on the screen, which leads to poor-quality display of the picture on the TV.

Since this situation is definitely a manufacturing defect of the TV, it was decided to contact the LG hotline. Based on the results of communication with the hotline, an application was made for the visit of an ASC engineer to diagnose a TV at home.

I will not talk about the fact that the engineer was only able to come the third time, since the first engineer had a concussion, and the second one seemed to just get sick. So, miraculously, the surviving third engineer did get to me, saw my wonderful TV and joyfully reported that he had not seen such lights for a long time.

Here I was delighted, because the burden of proving the presence of a defect in modern goods is still a quest, but judging by the fact that the engineer was immediately ready to write out a technical condition certificate confirming the declared defect, I became confident that this TV could be returned back, more precisely according to place of purchase.

The ASC engineer proposed two options for resolving the issue:

Issuance of an act of the technical condition of the goods, which will confirm the presence of the claimed defect on the TV. And on the basis of this act, if the TV was bought in a decent store, you can try to return or exchange my copy.
The second option assumed a rather long quest, which consisted in the fact that a new matrix would be ordered, then it would be replaced. But since, according to the ASC engineer and based on similar cases, we are talking about a factory defect in the manufacture of the TV, then the replacement