TOP 5 Future Technologies from CES 2020

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Las Vegas – the place of entertainment and all the crazy Hollywood comedies this week has also become the main hotbed of technology, because from January 7 to January 10, a lot of people gathered there, just to discuss new technologies, present incredible concepts of future inventions and surprise with the limitless possibilities of the modern technology industry. And they gathered for the sake of CES 2020.

What is CES?

CES is the world’s largest trade show for technological innovations, bringing together the biggest companies as well as small start-ups since 1967. Through booths, presentations, public panels and demonstrations, companies offer to try out their latest technologies, present concepts for future products.

and demonstrate how they see the future of the technology world. It was at CES that the first iPhone model, the Xbox set-top box, the first tablet, laptop, OLED TV, 3D projector and Intel Core i7 processor were first introduced to the world. Thanks to the exhibition, many startups receive funding, as well as the support of large companies.

What happened at CES 2020?

This year the exhibition was visited by more than 175 thousand people from 79 countries of the world, taking into account the media, participants and staff. CES 2020 featured 4,400 exhibits from Fortune Global 500 companies and startups. Traditionally, the largest of the presentations took place on Monday, when LG.

Samsung and Sony showed their booths. CES 2020 was just huge and took up most of the Las Vegas Strip as well as the surrounding streets. Of the 160,000 hotel rooms in Vegas, all were filled this year. Fortunately, CTA (the company that puts on the show) offered free transfers and thus increased the number of visitors.

The big news this year was that Apple is back at CES for the first time in 10 years. The brand did not present a booth or showcase new products, but Apple’s product privacy officer Jane Horvath participated in a roundtable on digital security. Also at CES 2020 came Ivanka Trump, who devoted an entire panel discussion to promoting women in the world of technology.

Highlights from CES 2020

CES 2020 proved to be more than worthy, demonstrating to the world the most amazing technologies in household appliances, cars, the computer industry, as well as gaming technologies, from which we have compiled our TOP-20.

1. Mercedes concept car inspired by Avatar

If there were cars on Pandora, they would look like the Mercedes-Benz “Vision AVTR”, which was inspired by the 2009 film Avatar directed by James Cameron.

This amazing car showed up at CES on Monday night after Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Alenius laid out all the ways Mercedes wants to make its cars less resource-intensive. From Ola’s stories, Mercedes wants to cut costs and resources for every car it makes by 2030, and use 30% less water to build every car.

Also on stage with Mercedes was director Cameron himself, who presented footage from the second part of Avatar, which will be released on December 17, 2021. While the Avatar car will never be realized, the ideas inside it – like a biometric scan that measures your heartbeat or a floating digital touch screen in the palm of your hand – are amazing and really showcase the possibilities of modern technology.

2. Ballie Robot from Samsung

Small, simple, but amazing, Samsung’s Ballie Robot not only received a lot of attention at CES 2020, but also created a whole queue of people wanting to purchase this technology in the future. And all because Samsung has created a universal little assistant that in the future will be able to perform a lot of different tasks such as: alarm clock, video recording, babysitting and pets, smart home device control, as well as creating a task list. For you.

The technology of the future is very similar to the concept of BB-8 from Star Wars, where the robot helped to perform simple work and became a friend to humans.

3. JBL Bar 9.1 Sound bar

At first glance, it’s a generic, slightly dull gray sound bar, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the JBL 9.1 Bar is actually quite different from its peers thanks to the nifty detachable rear wireless speakers. This high-performance sound bar supports Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2 and can play music via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In terms of connectivity.

you can take advantage of 2 HDMI ports that are compatible with 4K. Among other things, this sound bar is very powerful in terms of sound. According to calculations, only 2 such panels can equip a small cinema, providing good sound. Also, this invention is not just a concept, because the company is already selling them for $999 apiece.

4. Kakapo Friends are the best smart gadgets for kids

Kakapo and Nando, design studios with offices in Tokyo and Milan, have used cute animals to create a collection of smart home devices. In total, seven of them were presented: a smart thermometer, a humidifier, an air purifier, a scale, a lamp, an alarm system and a children’s camera.

As Nando explains, each element of the Kakapo Friends home set (not compatible with Apple HomeRight), but has its own application for control, as well as symbolic meaning: the alarm clock has a small bird that chirps in the morning; the thermometer is equipped with a teardrop, and the air cleaner is invented in the form of a flower.

Despite the fact that there is almost no innovation in them, but these products really stood out from the general CES 2020 technology crowd with their unusual design and were the only ones that presented goods for children

5. Smart shoes from Asics

Japanese footwear brand Asics unveiled its first smart shoe prototype, the Ivoried, at CES 2020. The as-yet-unnamed model uses technology made in collaboration with Japanese sensor company No New Folk. The sensor, which sits between the outsole and upper of both Ivoried boots, has a six-axis motion sensor, as well as atmospheric pressure and vibration sensors inside the shell.