best production business ideas in 2022: examples, instructions

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In the current situation, production based on domestic materials and technologies is a great option for starting a new business for several reasons.

First, local production facilities will be one of the first to be supported by the state. Secondly, during an unstable economic situation and the departure of some foreign players from the Russian market, a huge number of unoccupied niches appear. And they won’t last long free.

Many new players will appear – entrepreneurs will begin to fill niches that they could not reach while there were industry giants, capable of lowering prices and providing volumes. But first of all, this will be done by Russian networks that managed to survive in a difficult period.

Therefore, for someone who wants to start their own production and make money in the freed market, it would be best to buy a franchise from a company that owns both market knowledge and the resources to successfully manage new branches.

We recommend paying attention to the CARDZAVOD franchise, with which you can open the production of printing products and plastic cards – from loyalty cards and key cards for barriers to school passes and exclusive business cards.

No need to hire a large staff of workers and rent a large room.
Manufacturing is highly scalable, no matter what you are producing.

As we have already said, understanding everything from scratch for a person without experience is a very difficult task, which becomes more difficult the more unstable the economic situation is. Therefore, most newcomers are considering franchising offers, such as a franchise without a lump-sum Tenora fee, which allows you to open your own production and sale of thermal panels.

Own production or sale of goods from the manufacturer?

What is more profitable – to open your own production, or to start selling goods that will come to you directly from the manufacturer? There is no single answer, because these are two different lines of business with their pros and cons.

The main difficulty for manufacturers is to find regular customers in order to reach a stable production volume and plan the purchase of consumables, as well as possible profit and ways to increase it. But such a business is more flexible – the manufacturer has a freer influence on the market price, and working not with the end consumer makes many tasks easier.

In the case of resale, the main difficulty will be to find a manufacturer who works with your volumes, since large manufacturers will not exchange for small lots, it will simply be unprofitable for them.

Examples of business differences between manufacturing and reselling:

You have launched your own store on Wild berries and sell there what you produce yourself. You have an advantage – the product is unique. And the disadvantage is that there may not be much demand for it. And if you are selling someone else’s product, then the advantage will be, on the contrary, that you can choose the most popular destinations (you can learn this with the help of the 102 Products franchise).

You have decided to sell LED equipment. In order to organize the production of such goods, you will need to invest a lot of money, as well as good specialists. In any case, the business will be costly and will pay off for a long time. But you can find an already existing manufacturer and sell his goods. Then you will be more constrained in pricing. But at the start it will be possible to do without large expenses. So, the Russian factory “Svelte Gordo”, for example, sells its franchise and helps everyone who wants to earn money by selling its goods with starting a business.

However, domestic entrepreneurs turned this story to their advantage. The production of cheese in local conditions has intensified.

What a novice cheese maker will need for a workshop:

Milk pasteurization tank
Raw material quality analyzer
Cheese making bath
A press that will press and shape the cheese heads
Bath to be used for salting
Equipment that will allow packaging the finished product
If we take the most average calculation, then with investments in the amount of 700 – 800 thousand rubles in production, it is possible to reach payback within six months. The main thing here is to find regular distribution channels correctly and quickly. But such things should be thought out in advance.

Production of auto chemicals

Car shampoos, car cosmetics for private use and for car washes, antifreeze, windshield washer fluids, fragrances, car additives – all this can be produced locally. And the construction of giant industrial enterprises will not be required. Although, of course, one cannot do without technological savvy, special equipment and licenses.

On the other hand, the demand for this category of goods is large and constant, independent of the seasons. And if we take into account that such goods can be supplied not only to the end consumer, but also to car shops, car washes, car markets, etc., then the model looks even more attractive.

If the topic is unfamiliar to you, there are no specialists in this field, but you want to make money on it, we recommend that you pay attention to the SOZH Sinte franchise, which organizes mini-production of auto chemical goods for new entrepreneurs in different cities.