the best smartphones of the year

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The top modern smartphones are considered to be new items from Samsung and Apple – the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 really offer buyers the latest features and hardware. However, these are far from the only brands that can offer the consumer excellent smartphones in different price categories. What mobile gadgets deserve attention in 2021 – in the material of Gazeta.Ru.

Techno portal CNET has compiled its own selection of the best phones of 2021, which you need to pay attention to if you decide to change your mobile device to a more up-to-date one.

The best phone so far has been named the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best phone that Apple has made so far, so it’s no surprise that it made it to the top of the leaderboard. The smartphone is equipped with a powerful and fast A14 Bionic processor, one of the best camera units that is in no way inferior to professional cameras, 5G network support and Massif wireless charging,

which also allows the device to connect to other mobile accessories. Plus, the smartphone has an excellent display and user-friendly design. However, the “best phone in the world” is not cheap – in the basic configuration, its price is 109 thousand rubles.

The place of the top Android smartphone went to the Samsung Galaxy S21.

However, the best thing is the price of this model. The cost of the Samsung flagship smartphone line starts at 67 thousand rubles, and for this amount the buyer receives 4GB of RAM, a bright and convenient design, a new Snapdragon 888 processor and support for 5G connectivity. However, in order to reduce the price so much, the company had to remove the microSD slot from the smartphone, and the charging block and headphones “disappeared” from the kit.

Google Pixel 4A 5G was named the best budget phone that supports 5G.

If you want a 5G phone that doesn’t cost too much, then the Pixel 4A 5G is one of the best options you can find on the $40,000 market. The phone can work offline for a long time, has high-quality cameras and reliable software support from Google.

OnePlus 9 received the title of “flagship smartphone at an attractive price” from the portal. OnePlus9 has a great processor, battery and good cameras. Portal journalists also note its large display and the possibility of fast charging. At the same time, its price of 54 thousand rubles makes it much more affordable for the mass buyer than phones from Apple and Samsung.

The Motorola Edge Plus smartphone has been hailed as a “premium gadget” from a brand that once dominated the market.  The company has adapted the features of other top Android phones under its own Moto spin and successfully built them into one of the best phones of the year.

The Motorola Edge Plus has just about everything a consumer is looking for in a premium 5G mobile phone: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip, a good battery, a high refresh rate OLED screen, and great cameras. The cost of Motorola Edge Plus is 80 thousand rubles.

The price of this smartphone starts at 40 thousand rubles for 64 GB of memory. That being said, the 2020 iPhone SE is the best budget phone you can find on the market. In addition, Touch ID and the Home button have reappeared in the “apple” smartphone, which will appeal to fans of older iPhone models.

“Ultra-premium Android smartphone” – this is how the portal journalists described the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

It has a large display, large battery, large RAM and an excellent camera that has a 10x optical zoom lens. If a beautiful photo is at the top of your wish list, then there is no better purchase than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, the price of this smartphone, as in the case of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, can scare away many potential buyers – it is 105 thousand rubles.

The Google Pixel 4A was named the best camera phone for an affordable price. The Google Pixel 4A has a truly top-notch camera, 128GB of RAM, a good battery, and even a standard headphone jack. Moreover, its price is only 30 thousand rubles.

The leaderboard also includes the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, a solid smartphone that many people can afford. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has great features, but the high price put them out of reach for many buyers. The Galaxy S20 FE has made a difference – the smartphone is well equipped and at the same time sold at a reasonable price. The owner of this device will receive a bright screen, a powerful processor, a high-quality camera and support for a 5G connection. The cost of the gadget is 50 thousand rubles.