6 best cheap Wi-Fi routers: ZOOM picks

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This happened with WIFI 802.11 ax, also known as Wi-Fi 6. Routers that support the standard already cost less than 10,000 rubles, but at the same time provide a fast and stable connection, as well as a reserve of bandwidth for the future.

The new generation of Wi-Fi has a high speed connection between two wireless devices: up to 1.2 Gb / s per channel, the width of which is 160 MHz (the previous version of ac – 867 Mb / s). The maximum number of channels is 8 MU-MIMO.  Of course, this data is only relevant in ideal conditions, but even with interference, thick walls and heavy network congestion, Wi-Fi 6 is still faster than its predecessors.

Wi-Fi 6 operates on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies to help increase network coverage. OFDMA technology allows the router to send data packets to multiple clients at the same time, so that users do not have to waste time waiting. In addition, thanks to BSS Coloring.

devices do not need to fully decipher the signal from the network in order to understand whether it is intended for them or not (as happens with previous Wi-Fi standards). Now the signals from each network are “painted” in their own color, and the router is able to recognize them and start decoding only the signals coming from its network.

The new standard has another very useful feature – it will be useful to those who use the so-called “Internet of Things”. Prior to the development of a new protocol, all smart refrigerators, steamers and other home assistants hung in the network constantly, overloading it. Wi-Fi 6 now has a Target Wake Time (TWT) option, thanks to which all smart gadgets go online only to send or receive data.

Kinetic Hopper (KN-3810)

The Kinetic Hopper (KN-3810) model is not just a router. If necessary, it can become a cell of the Mesh system. It is convenient to manage and configure the device using the Kinetic application.

The router is equipped with 4 rotatable 5 dB antennas, two of which are designed for the 2.4 GHz band, and the other two for the 5 GHz band. This guarantees both good coverage (due to the first range) and high connection speed (due to the second). When connected via 2.4 GHz, the Wi-Fi network speed can reach 574 Mbps, and in the 5 GHz band – up to 1201 Mbps.

The frequency of the dual-core processor EN7561DU of the new model is 900 MHz, and the amount of RAM is 256 MB. The router has three LAN ports and one WAN (marked in blue), but the user himself can configure them at his discretion. Through the USB 3.0 port, you can connect, for example, a printer to print documents from any device that is on the same network.

The router also supports 3G and 4G USB modems, so it can be used as a backup in case of cable connection problems. Also, the model has the functions of parental control and protection against cyber threats.

The router can be installed on a horizontal surface or hung on a wall: there are special holes on the back of the case for this.


The ASUS RT-AX55 router has a black case with red stripes, so it looks very impressive as gaming devices. Stable operation of the model is ensured by a quad-core Broadcom BCM6755 processor (the frequency of each core is 1.5 MHz) and 256 MB of RAM. The data transfer rate depends on the range: as expected, 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies are supported.

Thanks to MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies, the router can effectively work with many devices at the same time. Also, the model supports the function of creating a guest network.

The Protection system, available to users free of charge, is responsible for information security. By activating Protection, you can enable network protection and set up parental control. The first function helps protect the router from external attacks, block dangerous sites and infected devices. And parental control makes it possible to restrict access to the Internet for individual devices, for example, to hide sites and applications with inappropriate content from children.

If you need to create a network for a large room, then ASUS RT-AX55 can be used as one of the nodes of the Mesh system. True, it will only work with other ASUS routers.

To prevent the device from slipping on a smooth horizontal surface, special stickers are provided on the back of the case. It also has holes for wall mounting.

TP-LINK Archer AX73

Model TP-LINK Archer AX73 has an interesting design – the top panel consists of a mosaic of plastic flakes with through holes. This is done specifically to remove heat during operation of the device. Thanks to this design, the router almost does not heat up.

TP-LINK Archer AX73 with six fixed antennas and Beamforming support promises good coverage. MU-MIMO technology will help to transmit data simultaneously on multiple streams, so even many devices connected to the network at the same time will have excellent data transfer speed.

The second is ideal for higher speeds, such as watching online videos in 4K or even 8K resolution.

The built-in HomeShield security system, powered by Avira, guarantees data privacy and protection of connected devices from malicious sites and DDoS attacks, and makes it possible to activate parental controls.

Thanks to the support of Enmesh technology, the ArcherAX73 router can become a link in a Mesh system for seamless coverage of large areas.

Xiaomi AIoT AX3600

The router of a well-known Chinese manufacturer has an original look – a triangular prism with seven fixed antennas. The device can only be placed on a horizontal surface, it will not work to fix it on the wall. To configure, use the standard web interface or the Mi Wi-Fi application.