Oppo Find X2 is arguably the best smartphone of 2020

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In 2019 Oppo Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro in the homeland of China. When and when these smartphones will appear in Europe is still unknown. However, another high-profile Oppo phone is expected, the Find X2. This device will probably be officially unveiled shortly before MWC 2020.

For a long time, the top models could be found in the Find series, but after 2014 it remained unsettlingly quiet. No new devices were announced in this phone series until the Oppo Find X was introduced in mid-2018.

A revolutionary smartphone and one of the very first models with a bezel-less screen that also has rounded sides. This provided an extremely modern look. To get a full-screen design, an alternative to the selfie camera had to be found. That’s why the Find X has been equipped with a retractable camera system, with one 25MP selfie camera on the front and two cameras on the back that have also been integrated into the expandable system.

Oppo 5G phone with waterfall display

Its successor, the Oppo Find X2, is expected soon, the manufacturer announced last month. Of course, it will also be a 5G phone and Oppo is the leader in this area.

However, not much is known about the final design. That’s why top Dutch 3D designer Jermaine Smit – aka Concept Creator – created the Find X2 concept model exclusively for LetsGoDigital, which is featured in the animated video below.

In terms of specs, the Find X2 will likely be the first Oppo phone with a waterfall screen, expiring at 88˚. In July 2019, the brand already showed a prototype phone with a waterfall display. This Oppo phone also had significantly less rounding than its predecessor. The design was more reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The prototype has been placed next to the Find X, making it more likely that this conscious model will be the Find X2.

The refresh rate is reported to be increasing. The Renault Ace was the first smartphone from a Chinese manufacturer with a 90Hz screen – you can’t actually buy this phone in our country. Obviously, the new device will also contain a display with a frequency of at least 90 Hz, perhaps the new device will support even 120 Hz. This high refresh rate ensures that the display is updated at least 120 times per second.

The first mobile device with an under-screen camera

Like its predecessor, the X2 will be a full screen phone. However, Oppo doesn’t seem to opt for a pop-up or expandable camera system this time around.  In other words, the selfie camera is under the screen.

The prototype, which Brian Shen, VP of Oppo, showed off on social media in the middle of last year, featured not only a heavily curved display on the sides, but also an under-screen camera. This camera system has already been demonstrated several times. This innovative camera technology, for example, was shown off in early December 2019 during Oppo Innu Day 2019, where the company also showed off its first AR glasses.

The Find series is the ideal phone series to use this innovative camera technology. In addition, it is obvious that the new smartphone from Oppo, like the Reno models, is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor, which is located under the screen. The device will run Android operating system, we can assume that we are talking about Android 10 in combination with Colors 7 user interface. It is the successor of Snapdragon 855. This extremely powerful chipset is not available in any smartphone.

In mid-February, ahead of Mobile World Congress, more top models from premium brands are expected, including the Samsung Galaxy S20/S11. These smartphones are most likely running on the same processor, although the Exons 990 is likely used in Europe.

5G network support

The updated Oppo Find X smartphone will also offer 5G support. It is expected to be the first DSS-compliant 5G smartphone. With DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) technology, providers can leverage existing 4G and 5G spectrums and networks, accelerating the worldwide deployment of 5G services.

The technology was developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Ericsson, Swisscom and Telstra, the Chinese manufacturer said in a press release last month. T-Mobile seems to be at the forefront, The Hague should be the first Dutch city to go fully 5G.

Rear camera configuration

Little is known about the rear camera setup. Since the new device will likely not have a pop-up camera, as is the case with the Find X, Oppo will therefore have to opt for a new camera design. We hope that a similar setup will be chosen for both the Reno 2 series and centered in the middle when the cameras are stacked on top of each other. Stylish as well as extremely practical, because this way you can never accidentally put your finger in front of the lens during spontaneous photo shoots when you have little time to properly compose.

With the recently introduced Reno 3 smartphones, it was decided to position the camera on the top left, I am personally ashamed. Not only does the design look more like top-end devices from Samsung, Huawei and Apple. It’s also just less practical because there’s a high chance you’ll put your finger in front of the lens. Especially since smartphones nowadays are quite thin and equipped with glass, which makes the phones look sleeker.

So you want the device to be held tight so that you wrap your hand around the device – and therefore right in front of the lens. It also happens when you’re not photographing, which increases the likelihood of smudges on the lens. This may have been resolved because there is not enough room in the case for other components. In any case, that was reason enough for us to put the camera back at the center of our concept design.

In terms of camera configuration, Oppo often uses Sony image sensors. This is expected to be no different from the new Oppo Find smartphone. The Sony OX 2×2 sensor was announced last month with four pixels on a single micro lens.