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Until quarantine, 66% of companies have never seriously thought about remote work for staff – the results of the study of the ANCOR recruiting company showed. And this is one of the reasons why only 36% of enterprises were able to quickly react to the situation. Those organizations that invested in the development of technology for distance work long before the crisis feel confident. Based on new technologies, business can safely step into a new reality. And if the company has not yet taken care of this, it’s time to pay attention to innovation.

First step: support for new technologies

There are three main technologies on the IT market that help provide the functionality of a remote workplace: file storage in the cloud + office software, VPN, VDI. The golden middle is often called VPN. If office equipment is used to work at home, then in the future to new employees can be transferred to “old men” laptops, and “old people” buy new devices. This is a way to increase loyalty – to provide new equipment to a valuable employee.

Requests for the set of programs must be carefully analyzed – for example, some employees want paid software “just in case”. A common option is a license for photoshop to independently make updates to the file. But designers should do this. As a result – saving 40 thousand rubles.

per year (there is so much “extra” license). Be sure to need a set of services to provide stable command work. For example, if it is difficult for employees to concentrate, there is a free application to increase productivity – Focus ate. The service selects a partner in random order, with which you can work together for 50 minutes (thanks to a webcam). Efficiency increases by 200-300%.

Among the right options for teamwork are free and conditionally paying services. These are knowledge databases (Yandex. Viki and Confluence), applications for setting tasks and checklists (Trello), planning and accounting services (Aeratable, to do list), notes (notion). For example, the startup Tau Tracker (developing a machine interface) transferred the office to remote mode – the work was organized on the basis of Trello, for communication – Telegram.

The director sets the tasks for everyone, monitors the status of execution. Through the application, links to documents in Google Docs are sent. For the whole team, you need to carry out the planning of departments daily – 15 minutes in the morning. Weekly – educational glider for the exchange of experience between departments. It is advisable to complement them with cases that you can share. Once every 2 weeks, the general planner is important when “tops” are divided by news and plans. For example, in the company “Biosphere”, to support the morale, they note “superheroes” among the staff and send “good news” with corporate videos.

An important point during remote work is adaptation. And here, too, technology will come to the rescue – the right manuals. In Google, for example, they managed to increase the productivity of beginners by 25%, using only one email for managers. It has only 5 points: to discuss roles and responsibilities, find office baddy for a beginner (a colleague who will support), help build a contact network, plan an intra -corporate meeting once a month for an accelerated adaptation process for the first six months, and encourage the dialogue.

To familiarize yourself with official duties, you can use the Yandex. Viki resource, where you can place training material. The service is free, but there is a table of contents and the possibility of updating. The main instructions are convenient to record in the form of videos for 1-3 minutes. This can be a greeting with the company’s mission from the founder, scripts, the client’s path (description with infographics and a sunbeam).

Second step: reliable Wi-Fi, Internet of the future

Even if you choose the perfect solutions in terms of technology, weak Wi-Fi is capable of violating all plans. About 22% of large international companies noted: poor Internet connection interferes with the full work from the house. An example is also indicative: in the USA, in the city of Chattanooga (Tennis, the Tennessee) began to use a 10 gigabyte connection-a speed of a thousand times higher than that of the average broadband Internet access.

The quality of Wi-Fi is a call for business due to remote work. For example, this is important for those who are engaged in online identities (agencies)-the connection should be excellent. But there are options that are comparable to office wireless Internet. Instead of corporate Wi-Fi.

you can configure a stable signal using a mobile Internet-it will be enough for 5 or more employees at the same time. The server, which is not enough for the signal, can be transferred home to one of the employees. If routing is correctly configured, the signal is stable and there is UPS, the server will always be available to staff.

Today, a new technology has appeared on the market – the Internet by subscription. An example in Russia is Wonder-Fi. This is an opportunity to install a wireless network at any object where continuous access to the Internet is needed or the need to combine jobs and offices into a single network. As a result – homework is not inferior to corporate, and no additional purchase of equipment.

If the Internet is reliable and fast, you can also carry out remote events. Among them, not only “virtual corporate parties”, which this year will definitely have to replace ordinary New Year’s festivities. A stable high -speed Internet is a key condition for conferences, presentation of a new product of the company or even the G20 summit, which has been held in the online format. To conduct such events, it is convenient to use YouTube and Zoom – the most affordable free platforms.