7 technologies of the future that are already being implemented

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Self-driving cars, machine learning, algorithmization – what seemed fantastical recently is becoming reality and is changing the world.

1. Unmanned vehicles

Self-driving cars have long been tested and implemented by many large corporations. Compared to traditional cars, they offer a considerable number of advantages: from the degree of comfort and convenience to fewer accidents in general.

Car manufacturers envision a time when every car on the road will be self-driving. The abandonment of classic cars will be comparable to how people once abandoned horse carriages.  People will forever be able to say goodbye to morning traffic jams.

Artificially, organs can be created in accordance with the specification that is needed. Eternal waiting lists and unnecessary sacrifices will become history. This will allow to overcome another barrier on the way to human longevity, because the lack of organs for transplantation every year around the world causes a huge number of deaths.

2. Ubiquitous algorithms

Science fiction has always focused on AI as an artificial intelligence, but it has missed an important step in the development of such technologies. We are talking about smart algorithms that today shape the scenarios of our interaction with advertising and even understand who we will vote for. They know us better than our friends because they have crazy amounts of data in their hands.

Algorithms with a learning system can independently improve over time, while performing routine work. Regardless of our participation, such technologies will improve on their own.

3. Connecting everything

Smart home devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home have opened up new ways to connect and interconnect our entire environment.

We can expect the appearance of clothes connected to the Internet. And you don’t need to check the refrigerator to see if you need to buy something – everything you need will be ordered automatically.

3. Communication with devices

Of course, the speed of implementation of smart and network-connected devices will depend on the ease of interaction with them. Smart home speakers have shown that regardless of understanding of how a particular gadget works, soon every user will be able to communicate with any technology using his voice ..

In the future, you no longer have to understand the functions and features of home appliances, it will be enough just to say what you need. Moreover, the technology itself will soon disappear and be seen. All devices will be hidden in the walls of houses and even in our clothes.

4. Machine learning

In many areas, we have already reached the point where smart machines can tell us more than even modern scientists. Machine learning allows computers to perceive gigantic amounts of information and analyze it with ease.

Complex phenomena and phenomena will be explained much faster, machines themselves will be able to show us how everything happens.

5. Robotization

Now all conditions are being created for robots to become a part of our life. The possibilities for creating complex connections and motors are growing every day. Modern robots from Boston Dynamics show just how flexible these technologies can be.

At the moment, this requires nothing more than just putting machine learning in a mobile shell. This will be followed by providing robots with technology to connect to a distributed neural network.

6. New attitudes towards consumption

We are talking about technological advances that will change the modern approach to health, waste and consumption in general. Our trash will become fuel. Our food will evolve according to our needs and food waste will be a thing of the past.

7. Augmented reality

The first generation of augmented reality technologies is being implemented now. These include virtual and augmented reality. Augmented reality in combination with IoT technologies offers especially significant opportunities. We could take a look at the refrigerator and see a complete list of its contents. The wardrobe could show the current temperature outside the window so that we can easily select the right clothes. We no longer have to constantly look at the phone, all the necessary information will always be before our eyes.

Of course, some of the most exciting technological advances may simply astound us. It could be something based on an old idea, or it could be a completely new niche for an existing technology that is just waiting for someone to come up with the right solution. Stay up to date with the latest discoveries, and you can truly be surprised and happy with new developments that are rapidly changing our lives.