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Apple can do AirPods 3 and Apple Music Hi-Fi Tier colonc tomorrow, know details

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Rumors about Apple AirPods have been going on for a long time and now Apple can launch it in an event on May 18 i.e. tomorrow. YouTuber Luke Miani has given this information. Miani has shared details in AppleTrack. He has also stated that the company may also unveil the music streaming app Apple Music HiFI Music Tier. It will be for Android and iOS users. It has also been said that the new streaming plan will be more advanced than Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio and will make listening experience better.

Event may be similar to the release of Apple AirPods Max in 2020
The report said that Apple is particularly known for launching the product on Tuesday. Therefore, the event of May 18 can also be similar as the company released Apple AirPods Max in December 2020. According to earlier leaks, Apple AirPods 3 may have the same design as AirPods Pro but will not have active noise cancellation. TWS earbuds can come with interchangeable tips and a smaller charging case as compared to AirPods Pro.

There may be a subscription charge in the US for $ 10
Apple Music HiFI or High Fidelity Audio can be priced in the US at $ 9.99, which is similar to the company’s standard Apple Music subscription. High Fidelity Audio is inoditable noise and restoration and may have flux response reps in the human hearing range. This is different from stereo quality, which records or reproduces sound that uses two channels.

Hi-Fi audio is considered superior to other formats. Currently, Apple Music does not have this high resolution audio tier. Spotify recently announced its premium Hi-Fi tier, allowing users to have greater depth and clarity in listening to music.

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