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Apple gave the gift to users in iOS 14.5 update, the phone will be unlocked even wearing a mask

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The legendary American tech company Apple has introduced iOS 14.5 for its users. In this update, iPhone users will be able to unlock their device through Apple Watch. In this update, the company has given a special feature. In which, by applying a mask on the face, you will be able to unlock other apps along with the phone. Apart from this, the company has also given a new voice to Siri. Also added new emojis.

You will get these special features
After this update, the company said in its statement that iOS 14.5 free software update is available. Apple said, “With wearing the Apple Watch on the wrist, the phone will be unlocked. For this, you have to go close to the phone and see it only once. After this, the users will get a feedback from the watch, so that the phone will be unlocked. Will get to know.” The company said that now this feature has been given in the iPhone X and later it will be given in the Apple Watch Series 3 and later devices.

Bumper sale in first quarter of 2021
Apple has claimed to have more than 1 million phone cells in the first quarter of this year. According to a report, between January and March, the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR accounted for 67 percent of the company’s total shipments. The company hopes to have even more sales.

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