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Apple is bringing a special tool to many devices including its iPhone, children’s activity will be monitored

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Veteran American tech company Apple is going to introduce a client side tool. With the help of this, the users will scan the iPhone to identify the Child Porn Abuse Material (CSAM) on the phone and if anything like this is found, it will report to the concerned department. This new technology will be introduced in many devices including Apple’s iPhone. Let us know what it is and how it will work. Also, what is the opinion of experts regarding this.

Will be able to keep an eye on more than ever
Actually Apple is going to add new features to its devices for the safety of children. According to the company, the new child safety features have been prepared in collaboration with child safety experts. In these features, new communication tools will be available, so that parents will be able to keep an eye on their children’s online activities through smartphones more than ever before.

Initially cloud will be used for photos
Cryptography and cyber security expert Matthew Green tweeted that it will initially be used for client-side scanning for cloud-stored photos. This can be an important ingredient in encrypted messaging systems to monitor. Green also expressed concern that if this technology goes into the wrong hands then it can also have side effects.

“Compromise with Privacy”
On the other hand, many experts believe that through child safety features in America, the company is going to compromise with its own privacy policy, in which it gives priority to the privacy of users. Apart from this, experts also say, “In many countries, it also takes strong steps for fraud and other activities. So if everyone’s demand is met like this, then the phone will remain as a mere spying device.”

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