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Apple is working on crash detection feature, this new feature may come by next year

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Apple New Feature: Due to its unique features, there is a lot of demand for Apple’s phones and smartwatches in the world. The company continues to work on some or the other special features, so people also keep waiting for its new updates. Information is coming out about one such feature of the company, about which its fans are very happy to hear about it. Let us know what new features the company is working on.

This will be a special feature

According to a report, Apple is working on providing a crash detection system in its iPhone and Smart Watch. For this, work is being done on Car Play. With this, car accidents will be detected and in case of an accident, auto dial 911 for emergency help. It has been told that this new feature can come to Apple Watch and iPhone by next year.

On-going testing

According to the report, the company has been working on developing this feature for a long time. Its testing is going on in full swing. The crash detection feature will sense any increase in gravity or the G-force generated during an accident. It has been claimed in the report that the company is testing it by taking data from many existing users.

will work like this

The crash detection feature will be similar to the fall detection present in the Apple Watch. This feature is activated in case of a sudden fall. If the person wearing it falls and does not cancel the alert within 1 minute, it automatically calls emergency services. Apart from this, it also informs an emergency contact of that person through text message. Not only this, it also sends location information. Similarly, the crash detection system will work.

Which model will have this feature

The report says that Apple may add this feature in the iOS 16 and watchOS 9 updates in 2022. Although it is also possible to change it.

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