Apple services brightened users’ lives in a year

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In 2021, Apple services have enabled the development of innovative applications, the creation of engaging content, and the discovery of entirely new opportunities to improve the quality of life for users around the world.
Apple Fitness+ helped users stretch, lift weights, lunge, meditate, and take care of their health in other ways.

while elegantly redesigned Apple Maps opened up new horizons for travel. Users have shared dozens of amazing original Apple TV+ movies and TV shows with family through Sharpley, played hundreds of exciting games in Apple Arcade – both new and classic – and downloaded millions of apps from the App Store for communication, work and play.

“Apple’s 2021 suite of services has proven to be important and popular around the world as users look for new ways to stay connected, get news, be entertained and get inspired,” said Eddie Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of internet services and software. “Apple has more than 745 million subscribers to paid services that connect developers.

Powerful tools, engaging content, and a seamless experience every day make our users’ lives more interesting.”
It’s time to remember the best moments of 2021 and imagine what new games, music, movies, series, workouts, stories, podcasts, books, support content and other materials await users in the new 2022.

Apps and games have become an important source of the most relevant and innovative entertainment around the world. Our ongoing efforts and developer innovation and creativity allow us to combine the power of Apple technology with the power of the global App Store platform to do things that weren’t possible before.

The participation of companies large and small and over 600 million users from 175 countries every week has enabled developers to earn more than $260 billion in digital goods and services since the launch of the App Store in 2008. This impressive figure is a new annual earnings record for developers. This is a very important marker of how the ecosystem allows you to create new opportunities and contribute to the economic development of entrepreneurs around the world.

In the past Christmas alone, shoppers have purchased more content from the App Store than ever before between Christmas and New Year, a double-digit percentage increase over last year.
2021 saw some big movie premieres on the App Store, with leading companies in the entertainment industry releasing iconic movies like Disney’s Black Widow and HBO Max’s Next Generation Space Jam on the app the same day they hit theaters. In October, In-App Events appeared in the App Store – competitions in games, movie premieres, live broadcasts and much more.

Popular events (“Stranger Things Watch Party” on TikTokker and “Man in the Arena: Tom Brady” on ESPN drew crowds of fans on the apps.
Global sensations such as Istanbul-based Dream Games’ Royal Match and social networking apps such as Clubhouse, which opened up new communication opportunities for everyone this summer, have connected people around the world in unusual and creative ways. Embedding this year’s key trend of staying connected, Bumble and Eat Okra were recently named best-in-class in the 2021 App Store Awards.

Last year, the award-winning collection of Apple Arcade games received its biggest update to date.  Gamers will appreciate the award-winning Monument Valley, Mini Metro and Galago Wars games, and will be able to remember the classics: Mobility Ware’s Solitaire or Zach Gage’s Good Sudoku.
New releases, original content and software features have become available to subscribers, with which listening and finding new music from around the world has become even more convenient and interesting. Apple Music offers listeners one of the largest music catalogs in the world, with more than 90 million songs on the service, and all of them are available in Lossless format – that is, in the form as they were recorded by the artists. Spatial audio with Dolby Atoms support and dynamic head tracking opens up a new level of audio quality. Artists can record audio with stunning clarity, so listeners can be completely immersed in the sound of songs, from long-time favorites to recent discoveries.
New features include autopay, the ability to share lyrics, city charts, animated album art, improved search, a Sent To section, and a redesigned Listen tab.

Apple Music Radio includes Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country and brings award-winning new songs to tens of millions of subscribers around the world. In addition, exclusive radio programs with the most famous performers and respected presenters are available here. Over the past year, Apple Music Radio has featured world-class stars with in-depth interviews and exclusive content including ABBA, Adele, Brandi Carlisle.

In addition, several live streams of important cultural events aired on Apple Music, including the premiere of Kanye West’s “Dona”, “Rap Life Live” with Moneybag Yo, Sweetie and Lil Dirk.

and a detailed broadcast of the Apple Music Awards with such artists like The Weekend, Olivia Rodrigo, HER, Winked, Scryptonite, Aye Nakamura, RIN and OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM. Now it’s even easier for music lovers to follow historical moments on the world music scene.
Over the past year, millions of users have asked Siri to turn on their music, and last month Apple Music introduced a new Voice plan based on Siri. With the Apple Music Voice plan, subscribers get access to the full Apple Music catalog, including new mood and activity playlists, personal mixes, stations by genre, and critically acclaimed Apple Music radio.

For the first time in the history of music streaming, and as part of Apple’s mission to help the global artist community, developers have built Shazza’s unrivaled technology into Apple Music to identify the creators of thousands of popular DJ mixes to thank them for their contributions to Apple Music. In addition.

Apple Music has added support for record label pages so listeners can now find new music from the studios where their favorite artists record their compositions. Later this year, more world premieres, exclusive content, in-depth interviews, live streams, DJ mixes and great classical music broadcasts will be released through the popular Prime phonic service. Listeners will also find improved search capabilities, detailed metadata for classical music, and more.