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On our website, we regularly talk about the newest and most interesting technologies that Apple develops and implements. And sometimes, thanks to unexpected leaks, we have the opportunity to find out what devices the company will introduce in the near future.  Thanks to its solutions, we, as users, can touch the technologies of the future today.

Apple regularly improves iOS and adds additional useful features to the system. Here, it would seem, how can you improve the alarm clock? Of course, make it smarter with sleep mode! But behind dozens of pleasant innovations, there are always small unpleasant bugs that spoil the life of users. One of them is an alarm clock, the sound of which we do not hear due to the reduced volume. Why is this happening? Is the iPhone to blame? Can this be fixed? A similar problem torments our readers: let’s try to answer this question and find a solution to the problem.

The use of the Internet in iPhone is the most important function, without which the smartphone actually becomes useless. To save data, users can always choose which data technology to use – LTE, 3G or EDGE, known simply as “E”. But there is one problem: sometimes the iPhone switches from LTE to 3G all of a sudden. Because of this, not only pages do not load, but also the download of iOS updates, applications and synchronization with iCloud is suspended. Why does this happen, can it be fixed, and what should I do if LTE on the iPhone switches to 3G?

Ever since electric scooters have made great progress, they have moved into a separate category of vehicles. Previously, they did not go fast and not far, but now a lot has changed, and traveling tens of kilometers on a single charge at a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour is a fairly simple task. The scooter, which has recently settled in our editorial office, also copes with it. Everyone who works for us has already tried it, but I was instructed to write a review, because I used it the most when I traveled from the office to the train on which I left home.

Apple usually pleases with non-standard solutions, which are difficult to get used to at first, but after a while you understand: Tim Cook and his team were right – this is really cool! Only sometimes the company really goes too far with some ideas, because they are actually very strange. It’s good that these developments remain in the Apple Park offices’

in the garages of engineers or at the level of rumors, not getting on store shelves, otherwise millions of people around the world would look like complete idiots. We chose several strange Apple developments, from which the hand reaches out to the face.

Wireless charging is far from new technology.  You and I have long been accustomed to the fact that Apple is in no hurry to add new technologies to its gadgets and carefully studies the market before rolling out this or that feature.  In the article, I propose to figure out how safe iPhone wireless charging is and should use it.

Transferring files on Apple devices is something that every owner of apple technology can rightfully be proud of. No matter how they grumble at the iPhone, which has cut down on Bluetooth, it is much more convenient to transfer via Airdrop, this is a fact. With Mac computers, it’s even easier.

In addition to Airdrop, there are a bunch of other options for a variety of occasions. Today’s article puts it all together: transfer from Mac to Android, to Windows, to iPhone, from one Mac to another. Carefully read each section and be sure that now you understand file transfer technologies as well as Tim Cook himself. Although, to be honest, I doubt that leaders are dedicated to such nuances.

When I bought myself a wearable device, of course, I planned not to update them for 5 years for sure – the fact that nothing radically new would appear in Apple Watch 6 and subsequent versions was obvious to me. Yes, and you must admit, when buying a watch, no matter what it is’

it is unlikely that a simple person plans to change it every year. It’s a lot or a little for you to judge, but during this time the watch has undergone global changes – that’s for sure. For two years, the gadget went through fire, water and copper pipes – I didn’t protect them from the word at all. And the main complaint that I have about this device is the condition of the battery. The battery life of the Apple Watch in general is a problem, but it was interesting to see how it will change over time, and today I am ready to share my experience with you.

Any Apple presentation is always a big event for the fans.  Because, as it turned out, some of the events that take place in Cupertino take place behind closed doors. Moreover, it is at such events that Apple usually presents something of the coolest and most attractive, something that ordinary people are simply not supposed to see or know.  That’s exactly what happened with Apple’s AR headset.

Rest assured, you won’t find this manual in Apple manuals.