Apple Watch Series 4: stunning new design and latest technology

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They help you lead an even more active lifestyle, better monitor your health and stay connected.

The watch has retained its recognizable appearance, but has been significantly improved: improved hardware and software work together perfectly, making the Apple Watch a truly unique device. The stunning display is up to 30% larger than previous models, while being perfectly integrated into an even thinner and more compact body. The new interface allows you to put more data on the screen and see the smallest details. Apple Watch Series 4 with watches’ 5 and advanced new features for an active lifestyle and communication will revolutionize the way you watch and help you stay healthy. For example, they are equipped with a new accelerometer and gyroscope that can recognize an unsuccessful fall of the wearer, and an electrical heart rate sensor allows to build an electrocardiogram in the new ECG app1, which is classified as De Novo by the FDA.

– The updated Apple Watch Series 4 continues to be a convenient means of communication and an indispensable companion in sports. But now their capabilities are complemented by new cutting-edge technologies such as fall detection and the EKG app, the first app of its kind available to consumers. As a result, the watch has become a reliable protector, guarding your health.



Apple Watch Series 4 isn’t just an improved Apple Watch. Their construction and design have been completely redesigned.  The speaker has been optimized for phone calls, Siri commands, and the Walkie-Talkie app, and is 50% louder. The microphone has been moved to the other side of the cabinet to reduce echo and increase the clarity of the sound. The watch is equipped with a new generation S4 system with a specialized 64-bit dual-core processor, the speed of which has doubled. However, the watch continues to run all day without recharging.2

The back panel of Apple Watch Series 4 is made of ceramic and sapphire crystal, so radio waves can easily pass through it in any direction for high-quality cellular communication. Added tactile feedback to the Digital Crown – the sensation of light clicks when scrolling.

The interface has been optimized for a larger display, so application icons and fonts have been enlarged to make labels easier to read and extensions to be more descriptive. The new watch faces take full advantage of the Apple Watch Series 4 display: the Infographic watch face offers near-limitless customization options, and the Breath watch face animations help you tune in to your breathing rhythm. In addition, dials such as Vapor, Liquid Metal, Fire and Water fit perfectly into the display with rounded corners.


Apple Watch Series 4 allows you to capture an electrocardiogram using the new ECG app.  All you have to do is open the app and press your finger on the Digital Crown to get your heart rate in 30 seconds. The application will determine if the rhythm is normal or if there are signs of atrial fibrillation, that is, serious heart rhythm disturbances that can cause complications. All electrocardiogram data and conclusions made on them, as well as notes added to them, are stored in the Health application in PDF format and can be shown to doctors.

Apple Watch with watches’ 5 periodically checks your heart rate in the background and sends alerts for violations that could be signs of atrial fibrillation.3 The device also alerts you when your heart rate is out of range.

Fall detection uses a next-generation gyroscope and accelerometer that can measure overloads up to 32 g, as well as individually configurable algorithms that detect when you have fallen unsuccessfully. Apple Watch analyzes trajectory and acceleration and displays a notification when a fall is detected. You can dismiss the notification or use it to call emergency services. If you don’t move for 60 seconds after the notification appears on the screen, Apple Watch will automatically call emergency services and send your loved ones a message indicating your location.


Apple Watch with watches’ 5 is an even more reliable workout partner. The Activity Competition feature lets you compete against other Apple Watch users. The Auto Workout Recognition feature will remind you to start a workout on your watch and save the exercise data you have already done. The new Yoga and Hiking workouts record all active calories burned and workout duration. The operating time of the device without recharging has increased by six hours, which is very convenient for those who train outdoors, for example, for joggers. They will also appreciate useful new features such as cadence detection when exercising outdoors or on the treadmill, cadence alerts while running, and Sliding Pace, which lets you know your current split at any time. how much you have covered the last kilometer to this moment.

The ability to stay connected

One touch of the clock – and you can talk with your friends on the radio. It’s a revolutionary new way for watch users around the world to communicate over Wi-Fi or a cellular network.4 The Siri watch face is now even more powerful and functional, giving prompts, using quick commands, and performing actions in your favorite third-party apps. WatchOS 5 on Apple Watch lets you listen to your favorite podcasts from Apple’s Podcasts app while on the go or on the run, and stream any podcasts in your catalog using Siri commands. Enhanced extensions on Apple Watch Series 4 bring more data to the display from useful third-party apps, such as the Dexcom app, which monitors your glucose levels, or the Streaks app, which shows you how you got through the day.