Beware of hackers, these methods are often adopted to cheat people

Beware of hackers, these methods are often adopted to cheat people

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Cyber ​​Crime: In the digital age, many things are now being done online. Perhaps this is the reason why online fraud cases are increasing. To control online fraud, the central government has recently issued the helpline number 155260. Online fraudsters cheat people by using different methods. We are going to tell you about some such methods of online thugs so that you stay alert from them.  


  • Online fraudsters use this method the most.
  • Hackers call people by posing as bank or Paytm KYC employees.
  • Hackers call people from mobile They are asked to update information like number and bank account and for this they also send a link through SMS. Gets caught in the clutches.
  • Keep in mind that never share your bank account details if you get a call from bank or Paytm.

SIM card upgrade or swipe

  • Hackers first get information like bank account and mobile number of people.
  • The hackers then go to the retail outlet of the mobile operator and block the old SIM through fake ID proof And take a new SIM.
  • After the new SIM is activated, the hackers use the bank account to steal the deposit in the bank.

USB charging port

  • Charging points are installed in public places for the convenience of the people.
  • Hackers use these public charging points for their wrongdoings.
  • Hackers in public Go to the charging point and install the malicious chip.
  • This chip steals the user’s personal data when the device is connected.
  • The hackers then use the UPI PIN and password

Check out websites that sell used items

  • In addition, hackers also keep an eye on websites on which old things are sold.
  • Hackers call the person posting ads on these platforms and manipulate all his personal information. achieve.

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