By mistake, money transferred to another's account can be received this way, know what is the process

By mistake, money transferred to another’s account can be received this way, know what is the process

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It often happens that we want to send money to someone else and by mistake money goes into someone else’s account. Many people think that now the money is gone and will not get it back. It’s not like that. If you have transferred the money to another person’s account by mistake, then you will get your money. For this, the bank has a process after which it is possible. Let us know how we can get back the money transferred by mistake.

Do this by accidentally transferring money to another account
If you have accidentally transferred money to another person’s account, first of all go to your bank and know whose money has gone to your account.
Now go to the bank of the person whose money has been transferred to your account by mistake.
You can get your money back by giving proof of money transfer by mistake.
According to the Reserve Bank, money is withdrawn without your permission, then you will have to inform the bank about this incident within three days.
By doing this you can save money. The bank will send the money back to your account.

Such incidents increased
Let me tell you that many such incidents have come to light in the last few times, in which the money of people has been transferred to an incorrect account. Apart from this, there have also been victims of online fraud. Many people also get fake phone calls as bankers. Such incidents have increased rapidly in the coronary period.

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Your account can be cleared by just one mistake, take special care of these things while doing the transaction.

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