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By taking some precautions, you can keep your WhatsApp chats safe, keep these things in mind

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Easy Ways to Secure WhatsApp Chat: WhatsApp has become an important part of our life today. But on this the privacy of your chat is the biggest question. There have been many such high-profile cases, in which the troubles of that person have increased due to the leak of WhatsApp chat. The same thing happened in Riya Chakraborty and Aryan Khan case. Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat blocked his bail for several days. Let’s know how the chat of Aryan Khan and Riya Chakraborty was leaked and how safe is your data on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp claims

Questions often arise regarding data security on WhatsApp. In the midst of all this, the company also gives its clarification. The company claims that its chats are end-to-end encrypted and can only be read by the sender and receiver. WhatsApp can’t even read your chats. But in most of the big cases, WhatsApp chats are leaked. Be it the Riya Chakraborty case or Pegasus. In all this, the leaked WhatsApp chat had created a lot of sensation.

What is end-to-end encryption?

Regarding privacy, WhatsApp says that every chat here is end-to-end encrypted. It is secured through a lock. Because of this, only the sender and receiver can see and read it due to a special key. All this is automatic. That is, it does not require any kind of setting. This setting is called end-to-end encrypted.

This is how your data is leaked

According to experts, the biggest reason for leaked chats is screenshots. Suppose the person you talked to took a screenshot of it and sent it to someone else and then to someone else. Apart from this, many times we unlock the phone and give it to our acquaintances and friends. They also sometimes take screenshots of our chats and leak them further. Apart from this, even by cloning the phone, a person can steal someone else’s phone data, WhatsApp chat, etc. In this, the user of the phone does not even know. The Pegasus case has also been accused of doing similar things. The Israeli company is accused of taking control of WhatsApp chats of many phones through Pegasus spyware.

Chats backup easily leaks data

This is where the highest risk of WhatsApp chat leaks are. Chats backup can easily lead to data leaks. Actually chat is stored on WhatsApp cloud. WhatsApp does not have its own cloud facility, so it backs up to third party cloud like Google Drive and iCloud. Messages on the cloud are not encrypted. In such a situation, if the cloud storage is hacked, the chat can be accessed from the backup.

Option to turn off chat backup, but decide according to need

If you want to avoid leaking chats from backup, then go to WhatsApp’s settings and turn off chat backup. This will stop backing up your chats. However some people need chat in future and you will not get any chat backup if you keep backup off in case of phone change. In such a situation, it is important that before doing this setting, see your need.

Deleted chats are also removed in some cases

On the other hand, when a case is big, the investigative agencies keep an eye on your chats or even remove your deleted chats. In the case of Riya Chakraborty and Aryan Khan, the investigating agency had read the message by taking phone calls from them during the investigation process. In the Riya case, some deleted messages were also backed up and read.

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