Cyber ​​players carried out ambush attacks during the Corona crisis, 114 percent increase was cyber attack- report

Call on this number when it is online fraud, your money will be saved

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Online fraud cases have increased significantly in the country for some time. Cyber ​​thugs are making people a victim of their own fraud in various ways. But due to lack of knowledge people do not complain about such cases. In such a situation, cyber criminals easily blow away your hard-earned money. Many people file a complaint of online fraud on time, then their earnings are saved. In such a situation, the Home Ministry and Delhi Police together have issued a helpline number to curb the increasing cyber crime. You can lodge online fraud complaint at this number.

Helpline Number – If you have any type of cyber fraud, you can call the helpline number 155260 issued by the Home Ministry and Delhi Police. & nbsp; On this number, you can complain about any kind of problem related to cyber crime. In 7 to 8 minutes, the helpline number will send an alert to the bank in which the criminal will have transferred your money. This will hold your money immediately. & Nbsp;

Seek website help – Apart from the helpline number, you can also complain about online fraud by visiting the website https: // Let us tell you that the Ministry of Home Affairs started the cyber portal https: // project last year. Delhi was first added to this Indian cybercrime co-ordination platform. After this Rajasthan is included in it. & Nbsp;

More cyber attacks in India in 2020
A report by IBM Security X-Force states that in the year 2020 Asia Pacific region has the highest number of cyber attacks in India after Japan. Huh. According to the report, in the year 2020, cyber criminals made people or business areas the victims who had to work most during the COVID-19 epidemic. This includes hospitals, medicine, pharmaceutical manufacturers and companies in the energy sector. Let us tell you that in the midst of the corona epidemic, these were such areas which were continuously working. In such a situation, cyber criminals targeted them.

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