Cleaning of WhatsApp after the government's warning, said - New privacy policy does not affect privacy

Cleaning of WhatsApp after the government’s warning, said – New privacy policy does not affect privacy

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WhatsApp has once again reiterated that its new privacy policy will not affect the privacy of the personal messages of its users. In fact, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had instructed WhatsApp to withdraw its new privacy policy, after which this statement of the company has come out. According to a company spokesperson, “We are in constant dialogue with the government in this matter.” Also, the company also said that the users who have not yet accepted our new policy, we have neither deleted the account of any of them nor made any changes in it.

The WhatsApp spokesperson also said, “We are working on many new options and our aim is to make its information available to the users. Most of our users have given their consent for this policy. Some people have so far We have not been able to give our consent and we respect their decision. ” He also said, “With regard to the importance of our policy, we will send reminders to these users again in the next few days. The kind of important role that WhatsApp is playing in people’s lives is a matter of great pleasure for us.” It is our responsibility to protect personal messages and personal information and we will make all efforts to reach people.

IT Ministry has stated WhatsApp’s policy against the rules

In a notice sent by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on 18 May, WhatsApp has been directed to withdraw its new privacy policy. In its notice, the Ministry stated how many provisions of the existing Indian laws and rules have been violated in the new policy of WhatsApp. Sources said that to protect the rights and interests of Indian citizens, the government will consider various options available under Indian laws. The ministry has also raised the issue of ‘discriminatory treatment’ with Indian users as compared to users in Europe by WhatsApp. The government has given WhatsApp seven days to reply to the notice and if no satisfactory reply is received then necessary steps will be taken as per law.

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