Clubhouse app will soon rollout for Android users, know what is special in the app

Clubhouse rocked, so many people downloaded in five days as soon as it was launched

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Audio chatting-based social networking app Clubhouse has rocked India as soon as it was launched for Android users. In just five days of launching, this app has been downloaded by more than one lakh people. According to a report, after its launch on May 21, by May 25, this app had about 1.03 lakh Android users. After which, together with Android and iOS, this app has got about two lakh users in India and the popularity of this app is increasing continuously.

Users increased due to the use of Elon Musk
In May last year, Clubhouse had only one and a half thousand users and the net worth of the app was $100 million. At the same time, in February this year, Tesla Chief Elon Musk chatted on it, after which this app became quite popular and the clubhouse has 20 million users. Its net worth is now around one billion dollars.

What is Clubhouse App?
Like other apps, Clubhouse is also a chatting app. In this, users get the option of audio for chatting. In this, discussion can be done on any one topic by creating audio rooms. On joining the room, you can listen to the users who are discussing. Clubhouse is an invite-only app, which means you will be able to join only if someone invites you.

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