Confused about WhatsApp's new privacy policy, so these 3 apps can be used

Confused about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, so these 3 apps can be used

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WhatsApp Alternatives: There are millions of users of WhatsApp around the world. Recently, WhatsApp announced to implement its new privacy policy from 15 May 2021. However, after the controversy, WhatsApp has left it at the will of the users. WhatsApp says that most people have accepted the new privacy policy. Those who have not accepted this, they will continue to see its notification. However, people are quite confused about the new policy. In such a situation, they are looking for new options. If you also want to remove this confusion, then you can know about these options of WhatsApp.

Telegram app is considered to be the most preferred alternative to WhatsApp in the country. More than 50 crore people have downloaded this app on play store. After the controversy over the new policy of WhatsApp, the popularity of this app has increased tremendously. Millions of people have started using this app. In this app you can send text, photos, videos, documents just like WhatsApp. Apart from this, voice and video calls can also be made. In this app, users are getting many unique features including unlimited cloud storage.

Signal Private Messenger can also be a good alternative to WhatsApp. This app has been downloaded by more than 50 million people on the Play Store. Its popularity has increased rapidly in the last few months. In this too, like WhatsApp, in addition to photos, messages, videos, documents, you can make voice and video calls. It is also quite easy to use it.

Google Hangouts
You can send photos, videos, texts to anyone using Google Hangouts. With this you can also make voice and video calls. Hangouts can be a great alternative to WhatsApp. It is used by millions of people around the world. However, through this you can only connect with people whose Gmail ID remains. It can be used on Android, iPhone and desktop.

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