Corona virus may be hidden in your phone! Know the 3 best ways to sanitize mobile

Corona virus may be hidden in your phone! Know the 3 best ways to sanitize mobile

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Corona virus is rapidly catching people. In such a situation, everyone needs to be very careful. Especially people who move out of homes. Keep cleaning your hands repeatedly with a sanitizer. On reaching home, best sanitize your phone. However, while doing this, you also have to be careful. Do you know that by clearing the phone in the wrong way your phone can also be damaged.

The special thing is that the sanitizer with which you clean your hands, if you cleaned the phone with the same, then your phone may be damaged. Spots can occur on the screen of your phone and there may be a short circuit. Today we are telling you the right way to sanitize the phone. You can make your mobile free of corona virus keeping in mind some tips.

Use wipes If you go out of the house, the best way to clean the mobile is to get 70% alcoholic medicated wipes available in the market. With these wipes you can clean your phone easily. With the wipe, you can clean the corners and back panel of the phone well. This also cleans the phone’s bacteria and does not spoil the phone.

Use cotton- If you want to clean the mobile with sanitizer, first turn off the phone. Now take a piece of cotton and put some sanitizer on it. Now clean the screen of the phone in a straight line. Keep in mind that the amount of rubbing alcohol should be reduced in cotton. Apart from this, you can also know the right way to clean your phone by calling customer care. Different companies have different phone materials and displays.

Anti-bacterial paper- & nbsp; Bacterial tissue paper is also a safe way to clean mobiles. You can buy these wipes from any medical store. You can clean your phone with these papers. These wipes are very dry, causing no damage to the mobile.

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