Cover Strike game

Cover Strike 3D Team Shooter for Android

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For those of you who are interested in exciting FPS gameplay, this awesome game of top list will definitely impress you with its awesome gaming experience. Enjoy the fantastic shooter gameplay with addictive PvP and PvE elements in the strike cover yourself. Feel free to pick up your guns and do a series of exciting shooter challenges.

Enjoy simple and interesting gameplay with mechanics that will introduce you to a relaxed and enjoyable shooter gameplay. Enjoy thrilling and exciting shooter experiences with a huge collection of different weapons. Customize and personalize game experiences with many features, and always feel completely comfortable with the gameplay.


In this game, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the awesome in-game experience of Cover Strike, immersed in hundreds of shooter challenges that will take you on a thrilling and exciting move. Enjoy addictive shooter gameplay with a classic clash between cops and terrorists.

Become a terrorist and bring down enemy police officers, capture hostages, or successfully blow up some locations with your bombs. Or join the cause of justice and save people from dangerous terrorists. Of the two, you can still enjoy thrilling and exciting shooter gameplay.

And at the same time, immerse yourself in awesome maps from different places. Pick whatever weapon you are most interested in. And enjoy the unique and interesting shooter strategy in the game.

Cover Strike game

Simple and accessible gameplay

Cover Strike allows Android gamers to enjoy an easily accessible and exciting shooter experience thanks to its simplified gameplay and mechanics. Therefore, it is completely possible for you to select a game at any time and immediately enjoy the thrilling FPS challenges.

And at the same time, with intuitive and customizable touch controls, Cover Strike provides easy and accessible gameplay for Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in their shooter experiences. Use virtual analog controls and intuitive touch buttons as you effectively navigate your characters through confrontations.
In addition, you can adjust the controls to enable more precise and precise experiments during a fire in the game.

Enjoy the awesome shooter experiences with different weapons

And at the same time, for those of you who are interested, the game also offers a full stock of your weapons with dozens of different models for your various uses. Choose your favorite gun from available weapons and enjoy the thrilling game shooter experiences. Have fun with your modern guns like Desert Eagle, AK47, M4A1, AWP, and so on. Enjoy different styles of fighting with your different guns and always enjoy the various options that you can pick up anytime during the game.

Play as both sides and enjoy different experiences

Of course, with Cover Strike, you will also be able to enjoy great shooter gameplay from both sides. Enjoy becoming a terrorist and commit all kinds of crimes to achieve your ultimate goal. Take hostages, blow up structures, and advance on enemies. Alternatively, you can enjoy justice as well as interesting gun and tactical attacks. Plan your strategy to protect the hostages, stop enemies from their bombs, etc., and kill dangerous terrorists.

Cover Strike game
Different Maps and Interesting Strategies

With a wide variety of weapons to better choose their strategy and tactics, gamers in Cover Strike will be able to enjoy exciting FPS gameplay on various maps, each proud of its environment and interesting strategy.

Enjoy playing with friends and online game players
For those of you interested in playing games with your friends, you can now enjoy exciting online shooter experiences as you join friends and real gamers around the world in addictive multiplayer experiences. Enjoy great rank and file battles as you have great leaderboard battles. Finish at the top whenever you want and get your special prize.

Pick lots of prizes every day

To make the game even more interesting, Android gamers can also take various rewards during their official gameplay. Just complete a mission and you can get lots of interesting random rewards. And at the same time, always looking forward to the exciting rewards of everyday life, available to all gamers without having to do anything.