Cyber ​​thugs keep an eye on WhatsApp, know what is OTP scam?

Cyber ​​thugs keep an eye on WhatsApp, know what is OTP scam?

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WhatsApp has millions of users all over the world. There will be hardly any better and famous platform than WhatsApp for communication. This is the reason why people all over the world including India send chats, photos, videos or document files on WhatsApp. In this case, hackers also keep an eye on our important data on WhatsApp. Nowadays there are many types of fraud happening on WhatsApp. Vicious hackers can target your account. So while using WhatsApp you should keep these things in mind. A new OTP scam has started on WhatsApp nowadays. Know how your WhatsApp account can be hacked.

1- While using WhatsApp, keep in mind that hackers first send a message in the name of someone you know. There will be something in the message that you will feel that the sender of the message is in trouble. Hackers can also send messages from your friend or relative’s number.

2- When you start talking to the friend or relative who sent the message, he will send an OTP to your phone and say that by mistake, the OTP has gone to your WhatsApp, let him know. But you will be surprised to know that through OTP, the hacker wants to hack your account.

3- If you told OTP, then WhatsApp will be turned on in the hacker’s phone from your number. Let us tell you that OTP is required to install WhatsApp on a new device. The hacker is asking for the same OTP from you.

4- Now your WhatsApp account comes into the possession of a hacker. Now the hacker will send messages from your number to your friends and family. Apart from this, the hacker can harass you by blackmailing you. To avoid this type of scam, do not share OTP with anyone.

5- To avoid scams in any way, you should also turn on the Two Factor Authentication option in your WhatsApp. After this, hackers or any other device will need a code other than OTT before running WhatsApp.

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