Davida will create new technologies for eco-hotels

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Director of the Engineering Center for Prototyping High Complexity Kinetics, NUST MISIS, Vladimir Pirozhki, an industrial designer with 20 years of experience in the global automotive design, will conduct a workshop on sustainable development, Eco-Techno-Design. The program with the participation of leading European experts will take place from August 6 to 22, 2021 in the Tarija art cluster and will include the creation of functional prototypes of eco-friendly and technological products for use in autonomous eco-hotels.

As part of the Eco-Techno-Design course, participants will unite in teams of 3-4 people to create, in a short time and from scrap materials, functional water and energy-generating prototypes for an autonomous eco-settlement. The created models can be used for the Davida art cluster with the prospect of being used in the civil infrastructure of settlements.

The course program consists of four thematic parts. As part of the “God of the Seas – Neptune” module, students of the course will create an autonomous water generator – a household technology for obtaining fresh water from air with a humidity of over 30%. The main task of young designers will be to create a layout of a high-quality functional object for scaling to eco-tourist locations, including Crimea.

On the track “God of the Winds – Bore” the participants will have to assemble the “Energoparus” wind generator on the basis of the provided elementary set of simple inexpensive materials. The efficiency and quality of the turbine design will be determined on a windy evening – the best layout will be brighter than others.

The module “God of the productive forces of nature – Dionysus (Bacchus)” is aimed at mastering the principles of operation of waste treatment systems, as well as creating facilities for bacterial water purification. This aspect is acutely relevant for the functioning of autonomous eco-hotels.

The additional module “God of Light, Patron of the Arts – Apollo” will be “sewn” into the main program and devoted to the topic of plastic recycling. The experts of the program are the team of the laboratory for the production of things from recycled plastic “99 recycle”. For 7 days, the workshop participants will create pieces of furniture, stylish “packaging” for prototypes of the main program and other functional infrastructure objects for the art cluster, as well as listen to lectures on sustainable development.

In the process of working on projects, all participants will have to study and analyze analogs existing on the market, choose a construction concept and layout design, make and test a functional prototype.

Based on the results of each module, under the guidance of Vladimir Pirozhki, director of the Kinetics Engineering Center for High Complexity Prototyping, NUST MISIS, Vladimir Pirozhki, functional large-scale prototypes will be created for the Davida art cluster, which will be included in the portfolio of the workshop participants. The participants will also be supervised by the world’s leading industrial design experts: Anthony Grade – Deputy Chief Designer of Renault-Nissan; Steve Matting – chief designer at Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Lada; Antonio Linares is the CEO of Roca Lauren Europe.

The best models will be presented at the Davida 2021 exhibition on September 10, 2021.

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