Dell Technologies Forum 2021: Virtual Conference on the Digital Future Now

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The digital age has already arrived. We are changing our lifestyles, adopting new ways of learning and working from anywhere, anytime, using technology and the incredible value of data. With a wide range of real-time connectivity, we deliver automated and intelligent results in the edge with 5G support, and IT as a service evolves to modernize IT infrastructure in organizations of all sizes with simplicity, agility and control.

Bringing together the expertise of professionals from around the world, the annual Dell Technologies Forum 2021 will once again be online so you can participate wherever you are and together discuss the pressing issues of business transformation and success in the digital age. From datacenters and cloud storage to digital workspaces where you can work from anywhere, join discussions with speakers from around the world and continents to gain insight into new opportunities and savings from work from anywhere.

#DellTechForum is the largest event of the year for Dell Technologies, so on November 30 it will start with a welcome part at exactly 10:00 Moscow time, and parallel thematic sections, of which there are four this year, will open at 11:00 and end at 13:30. 14:00. We live in an interesting time, when communication between people is transforming and taking on new forms due to the emergence of new digital technologies, so many speeches will be held in the form of live dialogues between two speakers.

Below we will tell you in detail about the program of speeches, and if you are already well aware of the format of Dell Technologies events and the details are superfluous, then in order to gain access, we ask you to register in advance using the registration link (participation is free).

The event will be opened by Kirill Kotare, editor-in-chief and presenter of the RBC TV channel. He will conduct a mini-interview with Boris Shcherbakov, Vice President and CEO of Dell Technologies Russia.  Also welcoming remarks will be made by Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, without whom this meeting would have been incomplete.

The first extended presentation at the Forum is a keynote speech by Jeff Boudreau, President and CEO of Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies: “The data-driven future is here.”

Heads of Diversity and Inclusion, Dawn Jones from Intel and Venice Hayes from Dell, will present a talk on Dell Technologies and Intel partnerships in the area of ​​diversity and inclusion. Then Angus Hegarty, President, Global Markets, Dell Technologies, and Daniel Cay worth, Director of Engineering, McLaren, talk about the Dell Technologies and McLaren collaboration: “Innovation in Data”. McLaren’s participation will add dynamism to this already boring event.

1. Efficiently handle any workload, anywhere, with storage from Dell Technologies.

Whether you’re using an infrastructure to run general-purpose, business or mission-critical applications, Dell Technologies’ repository helps you navigate your changing business environment. In this session, we look at today’s enterprise application requirements and explore the opportunities Dell EMC Power Store and PowerHA provide to grow your business. In addition, from Dmitry Agave, Team Leader, Dell Technologies Russia Systems Engineers, you can learn how partnering with Dell Technologies can help you create an effective strategy and ensure you are ready to meet the challenges of the future.

2. An innovative storage platform. Power Store.

.Dmitry Shushing, Senior Systems Engineer, Dell Technologies, will talk about Power Store, an innovative infrastructure platform built using best-in-class technologies to solve challenges in the data era. It can help organizations accelerate decision making, simplify data access, and increase application performance. Machine learning and intelligent automation enable faster deployment of applications and services, and staff take 99% less time to balance volumes.

3. New features of Viral.

Imagine an infrastructure that is very easy to use, delivers outstanding performance and deployment flexibility to handle any workload in the edge, data center, and cloud. Dell EMC Viral makes it possible to achieve these global goals. Advanced HCI stack automation, next-generation technology support, and flexible storage options deliver predictable results when scaling, driving business innovation, and accelerating work. All about Viral will be told by Alexander Sedavnykh, Lead Systems Engineer at Dell Technologies.

4. Success story with CROC: software-defined storage platform for any service. Benefits and practice of use.

Pavel Eroded, Lead Systems Engineer, Dell Technologies, and Ivan Emmanuylov, Lead Engineer, CROC Inc., Will talk about using SDS Power Flex in CROC Cloud.

5. Innovation in data protection solutions

During this session with Konstantin Kemerovo, a leading systems engineer at Dell Technologies and a certified data backup expert with over 20 years of experience, you will be able to see current innovations and learn about the advanced backup options available within the portfolio. Power Protect. Plus, learn how Dell Technologies provides the automated and cost-effective data protection you need for all of your use cases.

6. Discussion with customer Dell Technologies: Becloud

Pavel Karnaugh, director of technical department at Dell Technologies, and Mikhail Lebowski, director of products for Becloud, will hold a discussion about the experience of cooperation between the two companies.

7. “From terabytes to exabytes. From archive to artificial intelligence in a single storage platform! “

Since 80% of data is unstructured, organizations need innovative storage technology that can keep pace with growth, insight and realize its potential.

Attend this session to learn about the Unstructured Data Solutions (UDS) portfolio, which is uniquely placed to transform your storage environment into a data-driven system. Mikhail Vladimirovich, Senior Technical Consultant at Dell Technologies, will talk about integrated data mining tools that maximize the value and insight you gain from industry and workload expertise.