Do not make these mistakes even on WhatsApp, otherwise you may have to go to jail.

Do not make these mistakes even on WhatsApp, otherwise you may have to go to jail.

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People are using instant chat platform WhatsApp most all over the world. The number of WhatsApp users in India is also in lakhs. There are many such features of WhatsApp, due to which our life has become very easy. However, if you use WhatsApp without thinking too much, then it can be difficult for you. In such a situation, it is important to take care of some special things while using WhatsApp. We are telling you such things that you do not have to do at all while chatting on WhatsApp. This may cause your personal details to be leaked, in addition to this you may have to eat the air of jail. Let’s know how?

Do not save unknown number- Often this happens when we also save the numbers of many unknown people. Such as a cab driver, delivery boy or a service provider. When we work with them, we save their personal numbers and forget to delete them. With this, these people can see your WhatsApp profile picture to status. In such a situation, anyone can misuse your personal information. Therefore, instead of saving the number of unknown people in your phone, write somewhere.

Do not share porn videos on whatsapp- If you share some pornographic content on WhatsApp, then you can get into trouble. By doing this, your WhatsApp account can also get banned. Yes, if someone reports your account or files a police complaint, then you may have to go to jail. So share content only on WhatsApp carefully.

Be careful while applying profile photo- Everyone can see your profile photo on WhatsApp. Therefore, you should be careful while applying profile photo. You should avoid putting such photos in which your society or any other information is being known. A photo showing the number plate in front of a car or bike should not be affixed. Apart from this, while applying profile photo, you should go to the settings and make changes. With this, only those whom you want to show your photo will be able to see your photo.

Activate two step verification- If you take care of your safety on WhatsApp, then you must activate two-step verification. This is an important feature of WhatsApp. In this, you have to set a 6-digit PIN. When you login WhatsApp to another device, you will need this PIN. To avoid cyber fraud, the two-step verification feature of WhatsApp is very important.

Avoid forwarding such messages- There are different types of messages on WhatsApp. In such a situation, you must make a check before forwarding any message or video. Nowadays, many fake links are also being forwarded in the name of fake news, free offers and government schemes. In such a situation, you should avoid forwarding them. It is also important to avoid sharing hate speech messages or videos against any religion or community.

Keep in mind while applying WhatsApp status- If you enter WhatsApp status then you should take care of a particular feature while applying the status. You should share your status only with your friends and family members. Unknown people can get your personal information from your status.

Turn off auto-backup of whatsapp- WhatsApp’s auto-backup feature is on in many people’s phones. With this, backup of your message is saved on Google Drive or iCloud. In such a situation, if someone hacks your Google or Apple account, then your chat can be intercepted. To avoid this kind of trouble, always export the chat and save it.

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