Do not worry after buying earphones or headphones, so know these things

Do not worry after buying earphones or headphones, so know these things

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Headphones & Earphones : The demand for earphones, headphones and earbuds is increasing in India. There are different types of earphones, headphones and earbuds available in the market. In such a situation, it has become difficult for people to choose the best option. Often people are not even able to decide whether earphones will be right for them or earbuds. Today we will tell you some such things keeping in mind that you can think of buying earphones, headphones or earbuds.

earphones and headphones

  • There are two types of earphones or headphones available in the Indian market – wired and bluetooth.
  • It is necessary to charge Bluetooth headphones or earphones. They are a bit heavy as they have an in-built battery.
  • If you have to use headphones for many hours daily, then you buy wired headphones.

over ear headphones

  • Over ear headphones cover the entire ear.
  • They have a large size, due to which large drivers can be easily installed in them, which gives louder sound and better bass.
  • After applying these, the outside noise is very less as they cover your entire ear.
  • Over ear headphones also put pressure on the ears.


  • Earbuds are a shortened form of headphones.
  • It has the feel of both earphones and headphones.
  • Earbuds are a bit expensive as compared to earphones.

jack type

  • 3.5mm jack is provided in most of the headphones and earphones.
  • Some headphones come with USB Type-C connectivity.
  • Headphones with USB-Type-C cannot be used while charging as only one port is available for charging and connectivity.
  • Taking headphones with different charging and connectivity is a better option.
  • This problem can also be overcome with wireless speakers or earphones.

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