Dr. Driving Game

Dr. Driving Game

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Dr. Driving Game:

Dr. Driving is a driving game but this is not the racing game, where you will park your car highly accurately then will get money.

The game has many different missions in which you usually need to move from one place to another in the city, and then park your car. The goal is not to drive at full speed on city streets, but to drive responsibly, tilt, not crash, and finally turn.

By completing the mission, you will earn money based on how well you are doing. And with that money, as you can probably guess, you can buy more and better cars for your trip in the city.

It is being said that in a great and authentic driving game, players will find themselves enjoying driving in a much easier and more realistic way. Enjoy the game from a driver’s point of view, not a racer or criminal. Here, you will find yourself on real streets with regular graphics and rules.

Dr. Driving Game


In the game, you are playing as a real driver and you will have access to the exciting challenges of driving on real roads. In fact, you can also create your own profile and your own driver’s license, which is good.

And most importantly, you will have the opportunity to tackle many driving challenges in your driving journey with exciting game modes. Choose a limited fuel challenge as you learn how to drive the car more efficiently. Or do an interesting VIP escort as you learn to be a careful driver. For those who are interested in speeding, you can take up highway challenges and more.

In addition, game play with Dr. Driving will familiarize himself with authentic and accurate driving experiences through deep driving mechanics. Access to many control options such as cockpit entry and block, gas pedal, gear shift, wheels and even fuel gauge. You will find yourself driving your car in this epic driving simulator.


Realistic and Authentic Driving Simulation

To begin with, Android gamers will have access to a highly realistic and authentic driving simulation, with a full cockpit setup for comfortable living. That being said, you can control your entire car using the given control options.

Start driving with gas and brake paddles. You can also take clear and proper turns using intuitive wheel controls and light signals. Pay attention to fuel and calculate your route if you don’t want to get stuck on the road with an empty fuel car.

Work on multiple game modes

To make the game extremely enjoyable, Android gamers will find themselves facing many exciting ways of gameplay and challenges.

Highway – Start by connecting to the highway where you can enjoy driving at high speed regardless of the police. Try to go as fast as possible to break your own record.

Drift – Put your skills and abilities to the test as you demonstrate incredible driving skills driving without breaking the rules.

Dr. Driving Game

Fuel Efficiency – And for those who enjoy more calculative gameplay, you can always check your fuel efficiency. Try to reach your final

destination without running at least on the tracks and avoid applying sudden brakes.

VIP Escort – For a more careful and dedicated driving style, gamers can enjoy themselves in VIP escort challenges. Here, you will learn how to drive slowly and carefully, to protect the car from damage and to scare off passengers.

Speed ​​Parking – Learn to be the ultimate taxi driver as you choose the challenges of speed parking in the game. Drive fast and park as you experience epic drives, stretches, and parking.