Due to difficulty in streaming video, people got upset, trending on Twitter #YouTube Down

Due to difficulty in streaming video, people got upset, trending on Twitter #YouTube Down

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Due to the poor quality of the video and the difficulty in playing them, the video streaming platform YouTube faced the anger of its users across the world. There has been a flood of mimes and jokes about this on Twitter. According to the website downeditor, around 90 percent of the users faced problems watching videos on YouTube during this period. While watching the video some users said that its quality had fallen, the same other users in their report said that there was a problem in playing the video.

Following the response of the people, YouTube tweeted, “For the last one hour we have been receiving reports about the problems faced by our users. We confirm that whatever was the technical problem has been fixed. Now you can use our services without any hindrance as before. Thank you for the reports you have given. If you have any such problem in the future, you can contact us. “

People expressed their anger in this way

A user named Mohammed Anib posted a picture of the Earth surrounded by fire, writing, “The world after two minutes of YouTube being down.”

Another user named Swarav posted a picture of the Joker, writing, “Me, refreshing your YouTube every second.”

A user named Satan posted a video of a crowd of people running. Also wrote, “YouTube is down. Defeat is running to tweet someone.”

A user named Sirslim uploaded a video of a scene from Hollywood actor Jim Carrey, writing, “When YouTube goes down while watching the video.”

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