Due to the decrease in the production of Semiconductor in China, there is a shadow crisis in the whole world.

Due to the decrease in the production of Semiconductor in China, there is a shadow crisis in the whole world.

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Semiconductor Crisis: In the festive season, where the market has returned to its glory again and people are reaching out to shop fiercely. At the same time, this boom is not visible in the electronic market. The reason for the slowness here is a small device, which is known as a semiconductor. In fact, due to the shortage of semiconductors, electronic gadgets are not being supplied and this is affecting the market. Let us know what is the whole crisis and how it is affecting the market.

what is semiconductor

Actually a semiconductor is a chip. It is used in other electronic items like mobiles, laptops, computers, fridges, TVs and washing machines and SUV car parts. This is the reason why it is also called the brain of electronic parts.

Why did the crisis happen?

Most of the semiconductor production is done in China. The dependence of the whole world on semiconductors is largely on China. But in the last few months, semiconductor production in China has decreased. Due to this it has decreased worldwide.

This is how the effect

Due to the shortage of semiconductors, the production of electronic goods is also being affected and they are not being supplied. Due to lack of goods in the market, sales are not happening and shopkeepers are disappointed. There is a lot of sale of electronic goods on Diwali, but this time due to less supply, sales are being affected. According to some reports, the mobile market itself has declined by up to 95 percent. Before Corona, where 100 mobiles were supplied, now it has remained only 5-6.

relief will take time

Preparations are also being made in India to overcome this crisis. India is working on a plan to make this chip in the country itself. For this, Taiwan, South Korea and other countries are being asked to produce here. It is also being monitored by the PMO, but its production in India may take time.

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