Earn on the securities market 2023

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Do you have small savings and a strong desire to make money on free cash? Then you have ample opportunity to earn additional income with a minimum of effort. Of course, you can keep money at home, but it is not safe, you can make a deposit in a bank – it is reliable and profitable. However, there is another way to get passive income. Which? Telling

Today, one of the promising ways to invest money is the stock market. This is a real opportunity to buy and sell securities, receiving additional income from transactions. In the stock market, you can work with different types of securities. This is first of all:

  • shares – securities that confirm the owner’s right to a share in the company;
  • bonds – securities that entitle their owner to receive a predetermined income at a certain time;
  • depositary receipts – securities certifying the ownership of shares or bonds of a foreign company;
  • traded index funds (ETF) – investment funds that have their shares that are traded on the stock exchange; With this form of investment, when you buy a share of an ETF, you are actually buying the shares of all the companies included in this ETF.

Income from working with securities is different. You can simply resell the securities, and then receive a speculative income in the form of the difference between the sale price of the security and its purchase price. Or you can earn income from holding a security – a constant interest income on bonds or dividends on shares.

Experienced experts and professional stock market players advise you to invest in different securities of different companies, that is, diversify your portfolio of securities, which will eventually give you the opportunity to avoid unexpected losses, optimize your portfolio and get the maximum benefit.

You can independently buy, dispose of securities and trade them. Or, given the riskiness of securities transactions, you can entrust the disposal of your funds to a competent and experienced company – a trustee. Trust management of funds – the transfer of funds for a certain period of time to a trustee for a fee – one of the most effective ways to invest in the stock market.

What do you need to do to make trust management work for you? You apply to a company that provides a money trust management service, discuss with its representatives a convenient form of cooperation, choose the most favorable conditions for you, and determine a convenient interaction format. Then you conclude an agreement and, in accordance with it, transfer money to a trustee – a company that will trade securities for you on the stock exchange – buy and sell shares, bonds, etc.

Belagroprombank can become such a trustee for you. The bank has been providing trust management services since 2014, is a well-known, professional player in the stock markets and is ready to offer its services to both experienced and novice investors.

The advantages of trust management in Belagroprombank are:

  • low entry threshold (the ability to invest low amounts in securities);
  • favorable service rates;
  • experienced analysts with a high brokerage image and experience in the stock markets for at least 5 years;
  • individual approach to clients;
  • tax agent services. The bank is a tax agent, so you do not need to submit a declaration to the Tax Service, the bank will do everything for you.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that Belagroprombank offers services for investing funds on the Russian stock market. This is especially valuable for the bank’s clients, since the stock market of the Russian Federation currently provides unique opportunities for the effective investment of funds and investment in securities. The Bank may purchase for customers securities issued both by Russian Federation issuers and foreign issuers whose securities are traded on the Russian stock market.