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Facebook is working fast on Metaverse, know what it is and how it will work

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What is the Metaverse?
Actually, the road map that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has put in front of the world, it will happen in a few years that people can sit in their rooms in many places at once. But can do different things through different avatars. This new world of Internet has been named as Metaverse. Metaverse A universe of technology in which humans can exist in those places, which can be achieved through Virtual and Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality). Although a lot of work has been done on this line in video games, but there is a lot of discussion about the process of its entry into the world of common people through social media.

rapid work
This metaverse of Facebook may take five to 15 years to reach, but it is not that it will take us and you too many years to reach the metaverse Will have to wait. Facebook is moving fast to implement this process and for this it has also tied up with some companies. Last month, Facebook also launched the Horizon Workrooms app, through which people can work in one work room while living in different places. Can share ideas and work with each other on the same lines as they would if they were around in the office.

Facebook Imagining a New World
As Metaverse, Facebook is envisioning a world in which people can work together, meet each other, do business, But the company will have to work a lot to create the level of technology that will be required for all this and the way it will need to take people’s trust and confidence regarding privacy, and in the coming time, the company will have to do a lot of work. The question will be whether Facebook can really prove itself worth it, both in technology and also in trust. 

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