Facebook's first smartwatch will be launched in the name of Meta, will get front camera

Facebook’s first smartwatch will be launched in the name of Meta, will get front camera

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Facebook Smartwatch: Tech giant Facebook has been renamed to Meta. At the same time, it is believed that the company will also launch its new smartwatch in the name of Meta itself. This will be the company’s first gadget to come with the new name. Its specialty will be that it will be launched with a front camera. Its glass will be made in collaboration with Ray-Ban. Let us know about its design.

would be the design
According to media reports, round screen will be seen in Meta Smartwatch. The edges of its screen will be curved. Its display will be somewhat like Apple Watch. A button will also be given in the right side of this smartwatch. The strap of the Meta watch can also be detached. A lot of fitness tracking features can be found in this watch.

When will launch
Meta Watch Cellular connection will be given in this, so that messaging can also be done easily. Video conferencing can also be done through the camera present in it. This will be the first smartwatch to come with a front camera. The company can launch this watch early next year. Users will be able to buy it only next year.

Will give competition to Apple
Meta Watch will easily connect with both Android and iOS phones. This watch will compete with Apple’s smartwatch. Apple’s smartwatch is very much liked and it is the most selling watch.

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