You will remember the forgotten password of the phone in jokes, follow this trick

You will remember the forgotten password of the phone in jokes, follow this trick

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Nowadays people have so many passwords that many times we forget our passwords ourselves. From bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, Paytm to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Gmail, passwords have to be entered everywhere. Not only this, people keep passwords in the phone as well. Due to which no other use of our phone was able. It is important to have a password in the phone, because our mobile contains such data and details, which can be a big loss if leaked. But sometimes our phone gets locked or we forget the password. However this happens much less because we use the phone the most. In such a situation, if you forget the password of the phone for some reason, then you can find out from this simple trick.

Find out from gmail

If your phone password is attached to Gmail, then you can easily find out the password. In this way your data will also be saved. For this, first you have to go to Android Device Manager. Now login with your email ID so that you login to Google Play in the phone. Now you will have 3 options. In which you have to click on the option of lock. There will be a new pop window where there will be 4 blank boxes. New password has to be entered twice in the first 2 boxes. 2 Leave the box empty, now click on the lock. After this, you can unlock your phone with a new password.

Factory reset

Forgetting the password of the phone, you can also adopt the second option factory reset. However, it also deletes all your data. But still, if you want to choose this option, then for this you will have to switch off your Android mobile. Now reset the phone by going into the recovery mode of the phone. Recovery mode is also used to upgrade the phone. For the recovery mode, all the three buttons of Home and Volume down in the phone have to be pressed simultaneously. This is done by pressing the power key and volume key in a phone. Now you will get the option of wipe data and factory reset click on it. After this, your phone will be like the new one came. Old data from the phone, apps will all be deleted. Now you can set a new password.

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