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Flipkart is the official app of the well-known online store. It is the number one shopping app in India, the second most populous app in the world, roughly equal to China, and more than three times the population of the United States.

With the app, you can browse all departments of the store: men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, children’s clothing, accessories, books, video games, movies and more.

Registered users on the app can activate cell alerts, follow products, have a wish list and more. In addition, you can choose from a variety of payment types, ranging from credit cards to cash on delivery. Best part: Return Guarantee

Why Flipkart useful:

Finding a good e-commerce platform is not easy. In fact, while there are many options available to the Indian consumer such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., however, these exchanges include goods and large stocks, international transfers and extra effort when you want to buy something. Tired when needed abroad. Angered by this, most people have tried to find alternatives from local e-commerce sites, but have suffered because of the products and goods from these markets. Not a different kind, and most of the time, you won’t find the things you really want to buy on these sites.

So Flipkart can be a solution that everyone is looking for. This is not a “right” solution, but is sufficient to meet general shopping needs, you do not need to spend additional shipping.



When you consider switching to Flipkart, the most important source is. This page claims to offer 80,000 different items in its distribution network. While not making any significant contribution to the style, we give you more options when entering the market. It may not be as good as the millions of different brands sold on Amazon, but chances are you can find consumer goods here without making an international purchase.

The design of this app is excellent, and such an e-commerce app should be given a look. The application is designed with key blue tone with a key and intuitive user interface. Items presented on the main page are primarily through large, detailed images that directly lead to the product problem / features. Below is the item name as well as the price. This is not uncommon or new, but is sufficient for a good browsing experience.

Flipkart is purely oriented towards the Indian market and the prices are reflected in Indian rupees. I am not sure if the price is reasonable or not, but at first glance, the items are quite well made and many and it can certainly be used as a daily shopping area by many. . As long as you are definitely someone who has your needs like technology. But most of the time, you are just as likely to be able to find goods here as you are to find goods in another part of the country, or to actually have a little bit of an independent store to work with.


In short

Flipkart – Although not perfect in every way and as big as Amazon, it makes good use of its function to enhance the Indian shopping experience. While many things are still missing, it is easy to fill in the blanks with options. Overall, however, this is not bad for a market where you can go for basic needs such as drinks, consumables or the like. Sure, it will partially meet your shopping needs, but it’s still better than nothing. Highly Recommended this app for our site.