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Follow this easy way to clean WhatsApp, you will get rid of the problem of hanging

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Be it any application, after a while it starts working slow. Same is the case with WhatsApp. If your WhatsApp is hanging or working slowly then you need to clean it. It is often seen that users do not clean unnecessarily photos, videos and documents files present in the chat of WhatsApp and due to this the app hangs. Today we will tell you how to clean WhatsApp.

Disable this feature in WhatsApp
If the space of your phone is full, then it will also affect your WhatsApp. To avoid this, you have to disable a feature of the app so that the space does not consume much. You can disable the option of auto save media files in WhatsApp. After which only the media file you want will be saved in your phone.

Do these things to clean WhatsApp

First of all open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
Then tap on Data and storage usage.
Here the option of Storege Uses will appear at the bottom.
A list of all chats will appear as soon as you tap on Storage Uses.
Here you can check how much storage is being used in which chat.
After doing this, tap on the chat from which you want to delete the items.
After this the list of all including photos will appear in front of you.
Now delete whatever is not of your use in this list.
With this your WhatsApp will be clean and space will also increase.

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