Future technologies are available today – the best exhibits at CES in Las Vegas

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Our home is our fortress, and no matter how luxurious and thoughtful interior design we create, nevertheless, the chores associated with maintaining cleanliness and comfort can sometimes seem tiresome.

If we had a little au pair, it would be just great! And the rapid development of modern technology and technology gives us such an assistant. At the CES World Home Appliance Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, many smart products were showcased.

We offer our visitors some particularly interesting novelties that not only attract attention with their innovative capabilities, but allow them to look into the future of technology.

Let’s start our review with smart devices. Today, to turn on any appliance in the kitchen, you must manually turn a switch or press a button. But what if you can start the dishwasher or microwave directly from your smartphone? Incredibly convenient, isn’t it?

LG presented its smart home technology at the exhibition with a whole line of products, consisting of a refrigerator, oven, washer and dryer.

The equipment is controlled through special applications developed for smartphones Smartcard and SmartControl. You can start the required wash program even when you are far from home.

In addition to this capability, the oven app contains an extensive recipe catalog that is synchronized with the refrigerator catalog, so you can choose to cook exactly the dish for which you have stock.

It not only allows you to keep food fresh for as long as possible, thanks to the most modern air filtration system, but also has a built-in monitor with many applications and access to the worldwide network. It is convenient to have a calendar on the refrigerator door with a record of important events, isn’t it?

Another refrigerator from CES that attracts attention is the four-door T9000 from Samsung. He can also pick up a recipe from the products that are stored in it, and monitor their expiration date, or remind that some stocks are running out.

Of course, the question of the need for help in the selection of recipes is rather controversial, but, you see, the interesting and modern look of the refrigerator with the display is very attractive.

And in the devices from Yanko Design there is also the ability to control the degree of transparency of the doors. The energy efficiency of buildings was also the subject of many new products at the exhibition. Today, various settings for household appliances and various home systems can be controlled remotely via the Internet.

Particular attention is paid to the “learning” ability of modern thermostats. Each time you install certain programs, the device records the information entered and over time adapts to your habits.

For example, he will remember when you usually wake up, and by this time will open the curtains, heat the floor, and after you leave, he will save electricity. In addition, you can control such a thermostat directly from your smartphone.

Belkin, which manufactures various accessories, unveiled its new line of modular devices WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion at the show.

These devices, installed in an electrical outlet and connected to your home Wi-Fi network, allow you to control any electrical appliances connected to the electrical network using this adapter. The control takes place through devices based on iOS 5 and higher, that is, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

With the help of these devices, you can also adjust the lighting for any of the most complex lighting designs in your home, or, for example, make the light in the room go out 10 minutes after a person leaves there.

Smart technologies can not only control our home, but also help a person keep track of, for example, their own weight. The HAPILABS Small Smart Fork can be your personal trainer and nutritionist as it keeps track of what, how much and how you eat, while several customizable apps keep track of and send your results to a specialist if necessary.

Another Belkin device: the WeMo Baby was a highlight of 2012. With the help of a special application, you can find out from your mobile phone what is happening in the nursery.

Could you believe that someone would make a car body from wood or build a café interior from industrial cardboard waste? I think no. Now it seems completely mundane. I am sure that very soon humanity will invent even more incredible things. At least I’m really looking forward to a city with the ability to move, as in the movie “Chronicles of Predatory Cities” or a plantation somewhere in the northern corner of Mars to fly there for the summer vacation. What do you expect from the future? Write in the comments.