Games on a computer or console: which is better?

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If you are considering whether to buy a console or a gaming computer, then we will explain the dispute step by step and help you make the best decision in your situation.

Three important aspects

Whether you choose a console or a PC, it’s important to just have fun with the game. Decisions about budget, technical skills, and possible upgrades all play a role in shaping satisfaction.


Both PC users and console users want to get the most for their money, but what does this maximum look like, how can you measure it for various user groups? For console users, costs are usually limited to the purchase price of the console, additional controllers, and possibly multiplayer passes. For the PC user (if he decides to build his own gaming computer) there is a wide range of purchases, but not every player plays on a specially assembled machine for him.

With such a wide range of possibilities and such a subjective assessment of the results, it is simply impossible to say which is better (console or PC). The solution is completely individual. The required levels of personalization and performance also determine the budget required to get the desired platform.

technical skills

Typically, a PC user is required to have more technical skills than a console user. The console can be upgraded by installing new hardware, but this is not required. The console user should be able to install new versions and updates of games. A PC user must have at least a minimum set of technical skills, even if the computer is purchased or built specifically for gaming.  A PC user may wish to update hardware components and install new drivers for them, which already requires an intermediate level of technical skill.

In the computer, you can upgrade all hardware components, as well as decorative elements, such as the case.

Benefits of playing on console

Consoles vs. PCs: They are easier to use and do not require upgrades.  Consoles are usually less expensive, and their wireless controller gives you more freedom of use.

Consoles are simple, easy to use and less expensive

The console is the preferred choice for many gamers as it is designed to be easy to install and maintain.  No need to waste time on assembly, no need to have technical skills. Just start playing.

Should you buy a console? Sure, the price ratios for consoles and PCs can be debated, but usually a console costs less than a gaming PC. This is another benefit for console owners.

No need to waste time on assembly, no need to have technical skills. You just take it and play it. Sure, there is a lot of controversy about the prices of consoles and PCs, but usually a console costs less than a gaming computer.  This is another advantage of the console.



You don’t need to upgrade your equipment

You can keep playing without worrying about outdated hardware components. Unlike PCs, which may require upgrades as games evolve, consoles are immediately manufactured in full compliance with the required system requirements. New consoles are, of course, also released in line with advances in technology, so there is a risk that older consoles will not support new games. The time period between the release of new models of the console depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, when the latest model is released, the user must decide whether to update or not.
Over time, players collect a whole collection of consoles to play under different systems. The lack of backward compatibility (the ability to run games created for older consoles on newer devices) means users are often forced to update.

Control the way you play. Gaming peripherals

In contrast to consoles, which can limit the way a game is played, PC users for gaming benefit greatly from a wide range of controllers and mice. In case accuracy is key, users can use a gaming mouse. Gaming mice are precision-engineered to provide unmatched control and positioning in first-person shooters. This circumstance is very popular with professional players who cannot accept less perfect accuracy.

In many cases, you can download mods from other players, so you don’t need to do the work yourself. All this is possible with a deeper immersion in the games and their modifications.