Google did a wonderful doodle on Mother's day, know what is special

Google did a wonderful doodle on Mother’s day, know what is special

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Mother’s day is being celebrated in many countries of the world including India today. On this special occasion, Google has prepared a doodle in a special way. Google has dedicated it to all mothers by making doodles. This time Google has created an animated Google. Different color has been used in the doodle, due to which it looks quite attractive. This doodle is a special type of digital card that can be used easily.

Using Doodle’s digital card, greetings can be sent from any corner of the world. On clicking this doodle, there is also an option to share it on social media. It can be easily shared by going to the given option. This year, due to the corona virus epidemic, many people are away from their mothers. In such a situation, Google has tried to solve their problems by making this great doodle. This magnificent doodle is made by Olivia.

Learn how Mother’s Day started & nbsp;

Mother’s Day was celebrated in America. In 1912, an American activist named Ana Jarvis started celebrating this day after the death of her mother. The special thing is that there is not an opinion on the date of Mother’s Day in the whole world. In India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, which will be on 9 May this time. At the same time, it is celebrated in Bolivia on 27 May. The women of Bolivia, who were taking part in the freedom struggle, were killed by the Spanish army on this very date, due to which this day is celebrated as Mother’s Day there.

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