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Google is bringing great features to be able to walk on the road, know its specialty

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Just as mobile is giving us facilities, similarly it is also creating a risk for us. Although it does not give us a risk if used cautiously, but using unaccounted and unbridled also pushes us to death. There have been many such incidents in the world in which a user has died while using mobile on the road. People walk on the road with earphones in their ears, due to which accidents are happening daily. Sensing this danger, Google has launched a feature that will alert or warn people using mobile on the road. & Nbsp;

Will alert to be alert & nbsp;
Google has named this great feature as Heads up. This feature will be available on Google’s digital wellbeing app. When this app is activated on mobile, then it will alert the mobile user. A few select alerts will be like this & ndash; Be Careful, Look Ahead, Stay Focused, Look Up, Stay Alert, Watch Out and Watch Your Step etc. That is, as soon as the app sees a threat, the user will be warned not to do this. Whenever you use a mobile on the road, it will say stop, do not do this. & Nbsp;

Currently available on the beta version. & nbsp;
The heads up feature will have to be activated manually from digital wellbeing to mobile. First of all, this location will ask for permission. When it gets permission, it will become physically active. This means that whenever the mobile user is in trouble on the road, this feature of the mobile will alert him immediately. The smartphone will never let the attention of the user go astray on the road. Whenever the vehicle comes from the front, it will alert it. Google has introduced this on the beta version of the app. It is currently available on Digital Wellbeing v1.0.3.64375698 aND which can be seen on Pixel 4a and Pixel-5 devices. This feature will soon come on Android devices. & Nbsp;


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