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Google Pixel 4a price, review, design, camera, performance and battery life

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This year, Google is making things easier. It is also available in a single configuration with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and there is only one color – Just Black. I’ve spent a lot of time with it since my initial impressions a few weeks ago, and now it’s time to see if Google has done enough to get people interested again this year.

Google Pixel 4a design

There is a lot of sociability about Google Pixel 4a design. It does not make your face glow or shine. In fact, it is quite the opposite and yet it looks attractive. The Pixel 4A is a relatively thin 8.2 mm and really light, at only 143g. It is a very comfortable phone to handle overall body dimensions and rounded edges.

The volume and power buttons are on the right, and provide good touch effects. At the top is the headphone jack, at the left is the Nano SIM tray and at the bottom is the speaker and USB Type-C port. Google Pixel 4a accepts only one physical SIM, but it supports additional eSIMs.

This display is slightly larger than Pixel 3A, which is 5.8 inches in length. It is an OLED panel with full HD + resolution. It supports HDR10 playback and has used Gorilla Glass 3 for scratch protection. In Google Pixel 4a‘s retail box, you’ll find an 18W Type-C charger, a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, an older phone, a SIM tool, and a quick switch adapter to import data from documents.

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Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a performance and battery life

Google Pixel 4a uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 730GSC, which is not the most powerful SoC you can find in a phone at this price, but it is quite good. It has 6GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB storage which again is quite reasonable. Pixel 4 supports 4G Voltage, Dual Band Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth 5, NFC and four satellite navigation systems. There is no wireless charging or IP rating, but you get a stereo speaker. The Pixel 4A also features Google’s Titan M security hardware for biometric authentication and other security-related tasks.

As for the software, India is running Android 10 from the unit box in the market at the time of launch, but a final Android 11 update is available. If you have used a Pixel smartphone before, what do you expect? The interface is completely clean, with no billware and only the necessary Google apps are pre-installed. Google has a personal security app that lets you make emergency contacts. Here is a Pixel Tips app that helps Pixel users to get acquainted with their smartphone for the first time.

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Google has added some basic gestures, which can be found in the Settings app. You can enable gestures to quickly access the camera, mute incoming calls, and more.

Battery life

Google Pixel 4a has a 3,140mAh battery, a modest capacity of the 2020 standard. Surprisingly, it did not benefit much from our HD video battery loop test, which lasted a little over twelve and a half hours. However, I was happy to learn that with medium to light real-world use, I was able to finalize the Pixel 4A for a full day in a single day. With so many camera usage and days of video watching, it has become a bit faster, so if you are expecting a phone that can last more than a day, you might be a little disappointed.

Google Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4A can charge its battery faster, with an 18W adapter in the gutter charging about 52% in half an hour and up to 88% in an hour. It took about 15-20 minutes to reach full capacity. Because it uses the USB power delivery (PD) standard, you can use any Type-C PD charger to quickly charge the Pixel 4A.

Google Pixel 4a camera

The Google Pixel 3A had an impressive set of cameras not just for its part but in general as well. The rear camera has a 12.2-megapixel sensor and f / 1.7 aperture, dual pixel PDF and optical stabilization. Sadly, there is no such thing as a physical ultra-wide rear camera like the Pixel 4AK 5G variant, and now most other phones come at that price level.

However, Google has not ruled out the camera features in the software, which are mainly found with the flagship Pixel 5. It has night vision, top shot, super race zoom, motion autofocus and live HDR +. When choosing a train shot or motion photo, repeated faces are a feature that, when activated, is asked to identify and suggest shots that you often catch. During shooting, Google Pixel 4a openly adapts exposure and shadows before shooting, and even shows the effects of all-time adjustments in the viewfinder. For video, you can manually adjust exposure, and once you tap on the viewfinder, focus tracking will begin.

The landscape shots shot during the day look amazing which managed to capture natural looking colors and balanced displays. The detail was good, but as it progressed, I got a little noisy, and the fine texture and edges were not very well defined. The close-up shots had great detail, rich colors and blur backgrounds. In portrait mode, I can digitally zoom up to 4x. Portrait shots usually look amazing with good edge detection, detailing and colors.

Google Pixel 4a

Video quality

Google Pixel 4a can play up to 4K videos at 30fps. During the day, I liked the quality and durability very well. Videos captured with a selfie camera are also electronically stable. Even in low light, video quality is very good, with good exposure exposures and enduring candles when you walk.

I really wish Google included the ultra wide angle camera as well, because it gave the perfect look. Nevertheless, both cameras on the Pixel 4A are permanent and reliable.